To Heal and Be Heard, A New Mission Statement For Me

Posted Sep 10th, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

I feel like the queen of transitions.

Moving from Pennsylvania to Canada to marry the love of my life.

An ICU Nurse with a Degree to a side hustle with Beachbody.

A Side Hustle with Beachbody to my own business, Lisa P's Quick Fitness.

My own business with Lisa P's Quick Fitness to being a speaker, author, content and digital marketer, and business strategist.


My work has changed SO MUCH over the last 13 years.

If you would have asked me if I saw myself being a dual citizen, living in Canada, and working as a couplepreneur with my hubby by my side in all things in the online world of business, I'd couldn't have planned it.

But here's where I've landed.

 I ALWAYS get asked

"How did you go from ICU Nursing, to fitness, to business?"

And the truth is, I just made a business out of the things I'm good at.

Problem number one.

Working my first job at the age of 14, and three jobs to put myself through college, I know work. I know how to excel.

But I've never really stopped to ask,

"What do I want?"

Not a vision board. Or to-do list.

And the most interesting part is that as I grow and evolve as a person, my work is too.

I evolved out of network marketing. I evolved out of helping people in health and fitness.

That is life changing, mission moving work, but it's just not MY life changing, mission moving work.

I seem to be asking and answering, "What do I WANT?" A lot lately.

When I look back to the ROOT of Nursing, Fitness, and Online Business, a new mission statement comes up for me.


That's the freaking WHY!

As I've spoken and written my own stories of trauma and triumph in best selling books and international stages.

As I've helped handfuls of people build courses and coaching programs, websites, funnels.

And as I've even helped people shed toxicity- weight, inflammation, limiting beliefs

And heal their bodies and systems.

It's all been to heal and be heard.

It takes time to drill deeper and deeper, and sometimes you don't know the right path until you're on the wrong one.

Most money mindset issues and stagnant health and business issues is because people need to heal FIRST. Then strategize. THEN build.

I'm know I'm still on the right path in my business, I'm just making a few pit stops and U-turns.

But you never know this unless you get in the car and drive. You have to start. So start somewhere!



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