How to Engage Your Followers To Buy and Finish Your Programs

Posted Oct 2nd, 2019 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

I was speaking at an event last week to a small group of about 20 people.

The event was marketed, promoted, and projected to bring in 300-450 attendees.

I was in shock to see 20 people before me.

Sucked to have expectations that weren't met, but the only sliver lining was that it validated for me a concept I've been thinking about.

Learning fatigue.

As a previous RN educator, before I became a speaker, writer, and content, digital marketing and lead generation expert, I started to see this.

My nurses would say,

"You're a breath of fresh air!"

I'd ask,

"How so?"

"We have so many educations and things we have to learn in a week, and everyone just comes in and reads off the powerpoint. Your energy is contagious, you get right to the point, and you make it fun."

Learning fatigue is defined as "the result of being overwhelmed by the volume of learning, training, upskilling, and related options and requirements."

I've heard about it a lot in the HR, corporate, and healthcare world, but last year I started to see it spill over into the entrepreneurial world.

I get it. I was a one woman show when I opened my first business in health and fitness.

I did all of the creation, copy, tech with my husband, lead generation, sales, book keeping, marketing, the list went on an on.

Not to mention teaching myself book writing and publishing, event hosting, and funnels.

Burnout and overwhelm were an understatement.

Seeing 20 faces before me, it validated my feelings that the industry is changing.

I believe that people don't want to spend the time, energy and even money sometimes to teach themselves.

They don't want to attend another seminar, take a course, get on with Kajabi help support and teach themselves funnels and how to put up a website.

They want someone to do it for them.


I'm so glad my husband and I decided to niche into this "done for you" area because we've found it to be the most effective for our clients. 

Yes, it costs more.

But you decide. Spend your time and energy and maybe you still won't be happy with the result, or stay in your zone of genius and let the experts do what they do best so you can monetize, maximize, or just have fun with the ones you love!

If you're going to go down the do it yourself route for events, courses, websites or funnels, here are my absolute musts to be successful:

1. Continuity is King

Whether its page to page on your website or funnel, program or service, or who you are on and off stage, the branding needs to be the same.

From the colours to the logos to the look, feel, emotions, and experiences, it all has to match. If something looks or feels unfamiliar, the trust is lost and ultimately the sale is lost.

2. Reap the Fruits of Your Labour

Too often we focus on the end game; The actual event, course launch, or book launch. What we often don't realize is how important the pre-launch period is. It takes a little while for people to see you, see the value you bring, and understand why they should invest with YOU.

You can almost never over-deliver. Teach more, share more, let people IN on the building process so they can feel like they are a part of the creation. We invest in things we've helped create or invest in things that really help.

3. Human Connection is Craved

Although the event I was at was a bummer, all events shouldn't be sworn off. Those promoters with a strong following (because they provide such incredible value) have worked hard to build solid relationships with their tribes and they will be the most successful. Be OK with starting small.

Be OK with knocking the pants off whoever invest with you because they will refer, buy more, bring friends and help you continue to build solid connections. Referrals and word of mouth can't be matched as it's so much less work you have to do to convert a client. The trust is already two fold. 

But also, add a live element to your evergreen courses, products, or services. The most successful courses are ones with ticket bonuses to an event, or live zoom coaching calls once a month. As humans, we want to connect. We want to share, and those products with some sort of live element attached to it, convert the best.

4. Host a workshop instead of a seminar.

We're all busy and time is tight. That's why I'd rather attend a workshop aka work will get done as opposed to learning how to do something and then having to make the time to go do it. I'd rather learn then apply so I have less learning fatigue if I choose to go down that road.

5. Cut to the Chase

When we're watching a movie or show, we want to get to the meat and potatoes or in the director's world they say, "cut to the chase" meaning get to the action. It's no different in your course videos or speeches. Start with a story and move me emotionally.

Stories release chemicals in the brain of connection and trust, and when a story is used for good (not sales manipulation) the audience will keep coming back to eventually buy or keep digesting your content. 

I also make my teaching as hands on and succinct as possible. We don't need every single detail or back story, just the important ones that nail the point. If you must use powerpoint slides, make sure you only have ONE concept per slide and it something that you had to show not tell.

We all have a message and a mission in business.

The clearer you are, the better. The more succinct and relevant, the more watchable you are, and the more you give, the more you get.





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