How to Design an Email Drip Campaign: 3 Keys to Success

Posted Nov 26th, 2019 in Blog

How to Design an Email Drip Campaign: 3 Keys to Success

"Email marketing doesn't work!" I can't tell you how many times as a business strategist I hear prospective clients say that.

But the truth is, Everything works with a great strategy and consistent effort.

Email marketing can be a highly effective form of advertising your brand and product. However, the vast majority of people don't know how to effectively use that email list they've compiled, leaving them dissatisfied with the results of their marketing campaigns.

If you want to create effective email campaigns that actually yield results, try an email drip campaign. Here are three pieces of advice to get you started.

1. Design a Strategy Around Your Goals

Different goals have different strategies, so it's important to identify what your end game is first and then build accordingly.

Not sure what your goal is? Here are a few common desired outcomes of email campaigns:

  • Sell a specific product
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your engagement rate on social media
  • Create a newsletter with a high clickthrough rate

Once you've identified your goals, you can start to design the appropriate chain of emails that lead your readers there. And that's where strategy comes in.

If you're wanting to sell a specific product, your emails should build on each other to create hype and warm them up to the future offer.

In 2018, I was in Mel Abraham's mastermind and he taught us about "the runway" before a launch. It's the 2-3 weeks of pre-content that designed to educate and warm up the sale before you make the offer. Email is a great way to execute this.

The point is to identify the end goal and then create your drip campaign accordingly. Instead of meandering emails that people check out of, you'll be able to have a pinpoint strategy where every email counts and builds to the final goal.

2. Group Your Audience Accordingly

It's important to make sure that what your audience signs up for is what they're getting. I learned this the hard way when I transitioned from a fitness and wellness brand to a business strategist.

Many websites have multiple goals or products that they need an email drip campaign for.

But if someone signs up for product A (like my macros E-book)  and then receives emails about products B (like my Online in 9 Course)  and C (our business strategy calls, course creation, and websites builds), along with random emails about your website, they'll probably unsubscribe from the barrage.

Segment your email list into groups according to what they expressed interest in, and create several different drip campaigns for each group to keep them relevant to that demographic.

3. Automate Your Emails

Life happens, and sometimes you'll forget that a hyped email was supposed to hit subscribers inboxes on a certain day. 

To save yourself time and headaches, automate your drip campaign to send to new subscribers at predetermined intervals. You can set it and forget it, so to speak, knowing each new subscriber will receive the same emails in the same order and timing, keeping the flow smooth.

Design Your Email Drip Campaign

Now that you know how to design an email drip campaign, lay out your plan and start designing one suited to your needs. 

Need a little more help to get started? Contact us today and let us help you with your business strategy!

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