Finding Your Identity: 3 Brand Elements You Want To Include

Posted Dec 9th, 2019 in Blog

When was the last time you went to the supermarket? Think about why you picked up certain items and left others on the shelf?

It was because of the branding. With some brand elements we feel secure, we trust them to be good products. But with others, we are less sure and there is an element of risk to us purchasing them. This is no different with establishing a personal brand. 

Finding your identity can be difficult in an overcrowded market and developing that trust can be difficult but personal brand identity in the twenty-first century is important.

I can remember the first time my graphic designer and lead generation specialist husband, Eric, took me through a brand identity exercise. We were creating a brand board for my first successful business Lisa P's Quick Fitness. It wasn't just about the colors that jumped out at me, but we focused on the overall user experience with the brand. I wanted to make sure that my look and feel matched the same type of emotions and expertise that I deliver. 

I've thus moved on from Lisa P's Quick Fitness, to my business strategy and content marketing Lisa Pezik brand, but the same exercise applied.

Here are some brand components you need to consider. 

1. Your Name

If you are establishing a personal brand consider whether you want to use your real name or something that better suits the message you are trying to convey.

As a podcaster, blogger, content marketer, speaker, and best selling author, I wanted my name to be useable on all of my marketing, but that may not be the case for you.

Think about the username you use online on Instagram or You-Tube. You may want to come up with one that articulates your values clearly. Remember it's more about them and less about you.

2. Your Logo 

Your logo must be both simple and original. You do not want a logo that is anyway too complicated or hard to understand. It must also look professional. It's easy to create an amateur logo on a basic computer program, but it is better to have one designed by an expert. Remember, you want to stand out in the sea of competitors at a first glance.

Be clear to think about your personal values and where the logo fits in. This is crucial to establishing your brand. Your logo must state simply what you stand for but at the same time not be too complex that people struggle to figure out what it means. Clear is better than clever.

Also remember your logo should be refreshed every few years. Even big companies such as Facebook do this. Personal brands should do this too. I like to refresh my logos for my products and services that I provide like Sales Booster, Online in 9, and Infinite Design House.

3. Your Values 

It is important to establish what your value system is. This is more important than ever in an area of social media backlash.  Your personal brand must reflect your ethos and your believes.

If you are advertising yourself as a green friendly blogger, you cannot then become an influencer for an airline or post pictures of yourself using plastic bottles.


If you are looking to capitalize on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle as a wellness blogger then you must ensure the ingredients in any products you recommend are sourced ethically and not from farms where animals are treated badly. Also ensure that workers are treated and paid well at any business you endorse. 

Brand Elements: Ensure There is Joined-Up Thinking 

The most important thing to remember with brand elements is that you think about the separate components of creating a strong brand but also how they work together. 

You must understand how the values of your personal brand link to the message you convey on your logo and even the name you use publicly.  

If you are interested in how you can improve your personal brand be sure to check out our do it yourself business course.

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