Why Movement is the Fertilizer to Your Business

Posted Jan 15th, 2020 in Blog

Happy Birthday to US!

We shouted as our Peloton arrived. 

December is an intense month for us as it looks something like this.

  • Dec 24th- Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25th- Christmas Day
  • Dec 26th- Oliver, our son's birthday
  • Dec 27th- My Father-in-Law's birthday
  • Dec 28th- BREAK
  • Dec 29th- Eric, my husband's birthday
  • Dec 30th- MY birthday
  • Dec 31st- New Years Eve
  • Jan 1st- New Years Day

Did you catch all that? WHEW. All unplanned (Oliver was planned but Dec 2nd was his due date. He was LATE!)  It's just how the cookie crumbles in our house and honestly, we love it. 

Instead of buying more gifts, Eric and I decided to go in on a combined gift and splurge on this bike. We sit on our butts a lot as content and digital marketers and it was time we got moving! That one hour at the gym a day just wasn't cutting it for the other 6 or 7 we spend sitting. 

On my 3rd ride, just as my butt soreness (why does no one warn you about this!) was starting to subside and I was literally riding the high during a humbling 15 minute workout, when the instructor said,

"Movement is the fertilizer to your body."

DAMN. Isn't that a metaphor for life.

As I was jerking my heel to the side, desperately trying to unclip out of my shoes when the workout was done ( I think I'll get better at that over time), I thought about all the times I let fear win.

When danger is near, our options are fight, flight, or freeze. And my nerdy old ICU nurse brain will tell you that freeze is a last ditch resort. Your brain doesn't want to freeze, but if the predator or danger is unavoidable, we freeze to numb out the pain and survive. 

That's NOT where I want you in business. 

How many times have you let the fear of:

  • Technology
  • Sales
  • Website Copy
  • Pricing of a Program
  • Hiring a Mentor
  • Writing the book
  • Starting the podcast
  • Just booking the damn event

Hold you back? Just move! That's my mantra this month. You don't have to know ALL the steps, but you have to take the first step.

Now I'm not a farmer, but I would imagine you can plan, and prepare, and plant the seed all you want, sprinkle some fancy fertilizer on your crops, but there is no GUARANTEE that mother nature won't come in and wipe it out.

The same goes for your business. There is no guarantee. ( I know not the peppiest of thoughts!) but what I can guarantee is that you'll learn a hell of a lot more from your struggles than your successes. You'll have a hell of a lot more value to add when you've been through something than always having it easy.

What do you need to move on today?




I'll happily be your fertilizer! Get in touch with us for all things content and digital marketing and lead generation.

(And keep an eye peeled for my Burn to Rise Program! It's coming!)

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