Social Media Content Marketing: 4 Content Formats That Deliver Results

Posted Jan 17th, 2020 in Blog

Social Media Content Marketing: 4 Content Formats That Deliver Results

"People pay you for the how!"

I remember hearing Brendon Burchard say that at an event. 

They don't care so much about certifications or degrees; its all about your results and your results are from HOW you did it. 

The content marketing software industry is poised to reach $9.59 billion by 2023. This number alone shows just how big the content marketing industry is overall. But no matter how much money you're investing in it, are you getting the most out of your content strategy?

Many people think "blogs" when they think of content marketing. However, social media content marketing is one of the most important ways to put content marketing to work. When done well, social media content is both inexpensive and effective, leading to more followers and more sales.

If you haven't gotten great results from social media content marketing yet, you could be using the wrong content formats.  H

ere are the top social content formats that will drive results for your brand.


Think infographics are too dry and academic for social media? Think again.

A well-designed infographic is a great way to present lots of information in a social media-friendly way. It's visual, so it will catch the eyes of users. And it can also spark engagement by giving people lots to talk about, or reasons to share.

A pretty infographic that's easy to read is likely to get lots of likes, shares, and comments. This makes it ideal for your social media content marketing goals.

User-Generated Photos

You already know the importance of great photographs for social media. You might publish stock photos or professional photos. But if you really want to drive engagement, it's time to get some user-generated images.

User-generated photos can take many forms. They might show people using your brand or product "in real life." They can be part of a contest in which the winner gets a prize and a share on your page. Or, they can come from events your company has hosted.

When you post these images, you connect with users in a human way. You also give people a new incentive to take photos of your product, or to tag your brand on social.


Interactive content draws your users in even further. Polls posted in places like Instagram stories offer a quick, easy way to get that interaction, without expecting much effort from your followers. Polls also get people to check back to your page, since they'll be eager to see the final results.


Going live is yet another way to "humanize" your brand and connect with your audience.

When you post on social, you likely post polished, slick content. But a live video can give a behind-the-scenes look at the slightly-less-polished reality of your brand. This helps users feel that they have insider's knowledge, which will keep them intrigued.

Ready to Try These Social Media Content Marketing Strategies?

You may have built your social media content marketing on a foundation of professional photos and perfectly crafted text. But these new, modern content types add layers of interest that those basics don't offer.

While you should keep this strong foundation, building on it with infographics, user-generated photos, polls, and live streams will quickly grow your business. These formats are surefire ways to pique interest and gain new, loyal followers.

However, don't stop there. You should also make sure that all of this content syncs seamlessly with your overall brand.




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