How Desire AND Responsibility are a Secret Weapon in Business

Posted Feb 15th, 2020 in Blog

2020 is my year to leap as a speaker.

I've spoken on others stages and although I've been thankful to be there, I couldn't help but find something I'd do differently or something that didn't sit right with me.

Whether it was poor marketing bringing in low attendance, poorly trained speakers spewing how great they were on stage, or just a complete shit show when it came to organizing the day, something always felt OFF in my gut.

It left me in an uneasy place in the Fall of 2019.

Did I want to start applying to speak on stages again, or did I want to create my own? My mentor, Bo Eason, urged us to create our own stage since the first day I met him. He says you don't want to be chosen to create what you desire.

2020 is the year of MY OWN events.

I think there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the online space. People promising you 6 figures in the first month as a speaker, selling you a cookie cutter coaching program that they don't really care about, or selling you a "fire side chat" mastermind with no intention of even getting to know your name.

Speakers who look at butts in seats as dollar signs and berate people with pain point marketing and scare tactics so bad that you sign up for that cookie cutter program because you desperately want to succeed and you feel like you suck so bad that you better do something!

Or worse, they use it as a platform to showcase how nervous they are and ask for audience approval. Like we owe them something because they chose to get up there unprepared and unscripted. Congrats for wasting my time. There is no way in HELL I'm investing with you.

I am not perfect, but I practice and prepare my ass off so that when I get up on stage, it's time to be so alive and present, that I feel it in every ounce of my bones.

My desire is to spark belief in every person in their seat that they too can set an intention, master a goal, and if they work hard, and smart, and don't quit, they will reach it or something even better.

It's desire that makes people follow through.

It's desire that makes people move.

They want to feel a certain way, possess a certain lifestyle, like financial or physical freedom.

When you can speak to your client's desires and experiences, that's real for them.

That's what they want.

It's a true connection because you're speaking from your reality, and it's your responsibility to speak the truth.

It's your responsibility to prepare.

For that podcast, online summit, workshop, event, or any platform you are given the privilege to be on or create. Some people can feel ready in 10,000 hours and for others it's 50,567 hours.

Put in the work. That's what I'll be doing new as I step into not only be a speaker but now producing events.

We make time for the things we care about. So let's start caring about how we show up, what kinds of events we put on, and the experience for others.


Not sure where to begin? Email me and I'll set you on the right path.

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