How I'm Coping With Having to Self- Isolate for 14 Days

Posted Mar 17th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

Maybe the thing that triggers others, is actually your superpower.

I am a working mother. A proud, driven, successful working mother. That was always the plan and when we decided to have kids, I never wanted to stop my career. My love for my child AND my love for my purpose aligned. 

I often take my husband and son on mastermind trips. Oliver, our 6 year old, gets some world-schooling and we tack on a vacation day or two in a new place, it's my favourite part, but last week we had to scramble. 

We had to scramble to get home from California.

Our mastermind trip with a 2- Day Disney Vacation got cut short due to Coronavirus and now we've found ourselves in self-isolation at home for 14 days to flatten the curve and protect the vulnerable. School is closed. Activities are closed. Practically everything is closed.

I'm good with that. 

It means more time in the mornings for coffee chats and cuddles. It means breaking rules and extending bed times to read that extra book or watch that last 30 minutes of a movie. It means our competitiveness can thrive over Monopoly, and there's more time to kick a soccer ball, have another glass of wine, and..


In trying "to do it all" in a stressed state, I used to look at my husband and say,

"I can't be MOM and BUSINESS OWNER at the SAME TIME. I can't."

Well..... for these next 3 weeks, I am, because business is booming as usual and our kiddo is home with us in isolation. Perhaps all those things you said you can't, you actually CAN. And now's the time to do it. 

I often trigger people with my positive attitude and productive checklists.

It's the only way I know how to survive! It's the only way I know how to juggle all life throws at me.

On Monday, I cleaned my whole house. Top to bottom. Like a manic crazy cleaning woman.

Tuesday, I made an hourly planner that includes meals, work time for our business and clients, workout time, school time (math, reading, writing, science, art), soccer time, martial arts time, outdoor time, and family movie time. 

Yup. To... the... HOUR.

I can SEEEeeeeeeEEEeeeee the eye rolls now. I can see them coming from a mile away. The unfriending, unfollowing, the opinions being thrown up on my Facebook Pages and Instagam feeds.

How can I be so happy, positive, and put together in a time like this with such devastation? 

I LOVE that I'm a planner and I'm not here to make light of it or apologize for it.

I don't play the victim, blame, or compare. I get to WORK. 

I LOVE being mom and business owner at the same time now, and it's my productive planning, and also being flexible that's making this whole experience awesome. 

But what about the people who don't have help? Who can't cope? Who aren't as "lucky?"

I swear it's nails on the chalkboard when people tell me that I'm lucky.

I've worked since I was 15, 3 jobs to put myself through college, 2 RN jobs after college, packed up and moved my entire life to a new country to be with my soul mate husband and did it all with ZERO family support. Financial, physical, or emotional.

I started my own business from scratch and had to work to make the money to invest to learn, while working full time and raising a child.

I stepped away from a narcissistic, verbally and emotionally abusive mother and overcame suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and family abandonment, just so I could love myself again in these 38 years I've been on this planet.

My control has helped me SURVIVE. Sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes it a curse.

I love the woman I am today because I created her. There was NO LUCK.

So go create you.

What do you know?

What do you do?

Where is the evidence that you can survive hard things?

For me it's checklists, calendars, planners, self-care and keeping a tight schedule. That works for me. 

GO DO what you KNOW.

And for F'sakes have some FUN in the process.

If you need help, ask for it.

If you're good, offer it. 

It doesn't matter what lesson I try to tell my son, Oliver. He SEES it for himself.

This is our time to show our children that we don't crumble or blame or play the victim.

We make a plan, we stick together, we think about humanity as a whole, and keep working. Our kids have dreams and so do we.

And if you don't have a dream, then there is no better time than NOW to play a bigger game.





What do you need? I'm just an email away.

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