The Benefits of Hiring an Engaging Keynote Speaker for Your Next Event

Posted Mar 22nd, 2020 in Blog

"You don't wait for the phone to ring."

My mentor told us as a group.

"You create your own events, your own opportunities. You don't wait to be chosen. You choose yourself."

As an entrepreneur, a thought leader, a coach, or solo business owner, it's essential to put in the required time and effort for building a strong clientele base; and to do it YOUR way.

There does come a time, however, when you need a way to bring more attention to the type of services you offer. Planning an event where you can gather current clientele and your future clientele is a great way to explain your services and how these services can help others. 

Keeping a large audience engaged, however, is not always easy.

To keep everyone engaged, it's essential to dial in on our speaking skills and work with others who do the same!

Not all speakers are created equal.

To stand out to your audience and work with people who do the same, you want the speaker to: 

1. Inspire and Build Energy

If you're planning your first event, you might be a bit skeptical about the process, what's expected from it, and your own abilities. When you're unsure of what needs to be implemented to bring awareness to your services, a keynote speaker will help inspire your audience and build energy in the room. They do this through confidence. The best speakers practice, over and over again, so when the day comes that they are on stage, they are ready! A speaker can help you build momentum. 

Also, Your keynote speaker will ensure the entire audience understands why your services are so beneficial to them and how they add their secret sauce in the mix.

2. Motivate Attendees

A great keynote speaker knows how to motivate your clients and your future clients to seek your services. Your keynote speaker will help you get information across about all of those benefits your services offer to clients in a way that'll keep their attention. This is always done best with personal stories. I won't have anyone on my stage that doesn't know how to tell a captivating story.

3. Introduce New Ideas

To prevent plateauing, you always need to be on the lookout for new ideas and techniques to help yourself grow

A keynote speaker will introduce you to fresh ideas that essentially lead to new ways of thinking. Listen to your keynote speaker while he or she speaks to your event attendees. You might learn some new ways to communicate with clients or learn about things that they seemed interested in while the keynote speaker was speaking.

4. Hold Attendees' Attention

Having an event is pointless if the attendees don't remain engaged. What will your attendees truly learn if they're not listening and engaged? This is why it's essential to hire a professional keynote speaker who knows how to keep the audience engaged throughout the entire event.

You know what you want your clients to know about your services and what you can offer to them, but you might not know how to keep several attendees' attention at the same time.

A keynote speaker holds the presentation skills necessary to keep attendees interested and leave an impact when it's over. NO POWER POINT. A great speaker uses their body and communicates well. The only time power point should be used is if you can't articulate a point.

Are you preparing for your next event?

If so, then let's talk!

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