Does Your Brand Need An Overhaul?

Posted Apr 17th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

It's a tradition in our family that on your birthday you get to do what you want. 

So naturally our son, Oliver, who turned 6, wanted grilled cheese for breakfast, bowling and a movie, McDonalds for lunch, and video games in the evening.

I only tried to talk him out of ONE thing..... McDonalds.

"Can't we go somewhere healthier? What about sushi? You love sushi!"

Babe, he's 6, my husband glared at me. 


So up to the golden arches we went. Just a coffee for me and Eric, and Oliver was the happiest kid on the planet with his happy meal.

I grew up eating McDonalds, it was just down the street from my high school and one of our local joints... and I guess I turned out OK!

Decades later and the place still looked the same, even though it was in a different country, a different time.

Play Place. Ronnie. Happy. Meals. Golden Arches..... You know the brand.

Can you say the same about your brand?

Brands do evolve and change over time. That's why it's called re-branding. It can be a great thing if your brand needs a facelift or if something changes.

BEFORE: Fitness and Nutrition

AFTER: Business and Marketing

I personally have been through two re-brands as my offerings evolved. But the problem is when it happens with your existing brand in multiple assets.

For example:

When web pages don't look the same. Email copy doesn't sound like your landing page. Social media pictures are disjointed, headers on PDF's are a different color, the sales page doesn't look like the landing page.

Uncertainty causes doubt and kills the sale.

Can you image if we rolled up to McDonalds and it had pink and purple laser beams and Barbie holding a salad?  So where do you start?

1. Develop your XYZ statement.

I help X do Y so they can do/be Z.

I help entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and solopreneurs, create assets like courses, memberships, and funnels so they can bring their most authentic voice into the world, to heal and to be heard, and to give others permission to do the same.

2. Define your brand emotion.

In order to carry out my XYZ statement, my customer has to feel secure, safe, energized, alive, excited. That's why my brand colors are gold, teal blue, and light pink. Calming, feminine, and rock solid.

3. Lastly, what kinds of imagery come up from your colors and statement?

A key and olive branch were the first things that came to mind to own your story and truth, and share it with others so they can shine.

Once you've got emotions, logos, imagery, and XYZ statements, make sure that every piece of content you put out aligns the same. 




Need help figuring this out? Let's develop a brand board today!

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