Not Sure What To Call Yourself in Business? Me Either.

Posted Jul 14th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure

"You're an attention coach.

That's it!"

My wide eyed, big goofy grinned husband, Eric said to me as he sipped his coffee....He loves being right.


I said. Not convinced.

Have you ever been asked what you do? Your role? Your title? And you kinda got stumped.

Ya, me too.

Because when you do so many things, and you've done so many things, it's hard to get right to the point and still be impactful.

Plus, what's the point of a title if it doesn't make any sense anyway.

We've all seen Chief Transformation Expert of Love or Expert Smile Maker next to someone's LinkedIn name or IG handle and went.. huh?

And have you ever tried to put your long winded title on a powerpoint presentation? You only get so much room for

Lisa Pezik, Online Business Strategist, Content Expert, International Speaker, 2x Best Selling Author, ACE Certified in Fitness and Nutrition, RN BSCN.

I mean.... come on now.

So how exactly do we navigate through what to call ourselves, how to introduce ourselves, and being clear?

1. What is a title that makes it about THEM and what they SEARCH?

What does your audience need? Rarely does an audience search for "Founder, CEO, President." We get that you're an entrepreneur, the big cheese, or founded your company, but that's not what people are putting into the search bar of Google.

Which leads to..

2. What value do you deliver?

The reason my husband went down the rabbit hole of "attention coach" is because I'm a writer, speaker, and online business strategist, and content coach. I have an eye for writing, speaking, and creating engaging content that converts and when we help out clients build their courses, memberships, and coaching programs, I guide them on what to say and how to say it. Everything from story, to teaching frameworks, to selling.


3. What word is more impactful that an elevator pitch?

Have you ever met someone at a networking event and they start to ramble into their sales pitch? Ya, it's boring and sometimes icky. And I truly believe that's because people don't know any better. Instead of an elevator pitch, try one or two words that pack a punch.

  • Attention Coach
  • Brand Equity Builder
  • Fear Keynote Speaker
  • Best Selling Publisher
  • World Class Connector
  • Stress Reduction Trainer
  • Relationship Coach

And then let THEM ask the next question.

Typically this process evolves over time! You do want SOME curiosity where they say, "How do you...." but most times people have a fear of sounding stupid, so instead of asking questions, they'll walk away, smile politely, or tune you out.

I want eyeballs on you so you can make an impact.




Need help figuring this out? I'll guide you!

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