3 Social Media Strategies To Grow Your Business

Posted Aug 17th, 2020 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure, Footer Features

The playing field is levelled.

I watched my husband mutter under his breath and shake his head. 

"He wants a Super Bowl Commercial...not like IN the Super Bowl, but that kind of thing."

A decade ago, I worked as an ICU Nurse and Eric, my husband, was a creative director at an agency in Toronto. I knew what his boss meant. Super Bowl commercials are watched, talked about, shared, commentated on, and inspire sales.

It's vying for attention and value. 

But the good news is, now with social media, YOU can broadcast the same kind of reach that a Super Bowl commercial gets.

Every great piece of content starts with a strategy. 

1. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you post or go live.

  1. Am I making people think? Is it educational?
  2. Will it help them attain a goal?
  3. Does it nurture the relationship?
  4. Is it unique to your business or point of view?
  5. Is it relevant to today's business or lifestyle landscape?

2. Split Test Content

A split test is simply when you take Exhibit A and Exhibit B and see what gets the most conversions, interactions, or response that you were looking for. When we run targeted FB, Instagram and You Tube ads, we split test images, headlines, and 0:15 and 0:45 video ads to see what gets the most opt ins and sales.

In the day to day, I'll split test blog images, podcast images, or simply the same concept that I want to write about, presented in two different ways. You'll get to see what your audience responds to, shares, and engages with. Remember likes are just warm and fuzzies. You want engagement. Then you'll have a better idea of what kinds of content to put to paid strategies. 

3. Hashtags 

More is not better. Be really intentional about 5 keywords that are general and then 2-3 that are very specific to YOUR brand. For example, I may use









Also if you run a program, contest, or something specific, create a hashtag and encourage people to post and unite in your community. For example with my Burn to Rise Course, I could use #BurnToRise2020.

Lastly, reach out and start a conversation with those who share similar hashtags to you!


Need help with a social media strategy? We do the things you don't know how to do, or simply isn't the best use of YOUR time. 

Contact me today to find out more! 

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