How You Know It's Time to Pivot in Your Business

Posted Aug 24th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure, Footer Features

I saved a man's life doing CPR at the gym.

As a RN and kickboxing instructor, I was coming out of class when the front desk employee approached me.

"Lisa, you're a nurse, right? There's a guy downstairs on the racquetball courts who isn't feeling well. Can you come check?"

In my head I thought he was probably dehydrated or had low blood sugar, so I didn't rush. I was high-fiving participants along the way and going at a steady pace.

When I turned the corner and saw the guy, he was flat on his back, pale, not breathing.

I froze for about 2 seconds, and then went into action. 

"You- Call 911. You- AED- Anyone else know CPR?"

His partner did and we tag teamed it. He did the breaths, I did the compressions. The AED arrived and I was able to give him one shock. I'd never been so excited to see someone puke and breathe right in front of me.

A few months later, he came back to find me at the gym. He told me that he needed quadruple bypass surgery and his MD told him that I was his angel. He had a cardiac arrest at a gym, with an AED, and RN trained on how to do CPR and use it. 

Those two seconds were everything. I could have ran.

I could have doubted my ability, but I knew my place. 

Sometimes in business, a pivot isn't completely changing who you are and what you do. It's changing how it's delivered. It's changing how you say it. It's opening your eyes to something new, even when you don't know HOW to do all the steps.

Here's 3 times you know that a pivot is in your near future.

1. You're already successful offline but you want to serve and reach more.

A criteria for working with Eric and I is that you'd had success offline. We see this a lot with trainers, real estate agents, therapists, dentists, doctors, gyms, healers, coaches, speakers and small businesses. You already know who you are and what you do best. You know what lane to stay in and want help to get online or add another layer. Which leads to the next...

2. You've maxed out Man Power Hours.. You are the lag.

This happens when you physically can't take on any more clients. Your days are booked solid and you're running yourself thin. Hard work and hustle gets you in the game, but can you sustain making income and impact on this model? Which leads to the next...

3. You're exhausted physically and emotionally.

You can't make solid decisions in your business when you're tired. If you're in scarcity, burnout mode, you'll keep attracting that and you'll repel the dream clients that you want. (AHEM.. not speaking from experience or anything.) It's time to invest in a team.

There is no possible way that I could have saved that man's life if I did it alone or if I was mentally exhausted.

Your business may not mean life and death to you, but your solution could for the clients who need you the most.



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