5 Most Influential Books that Challenged and Changed My Life

Posted Sep 8th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure, Footer Features

Although I'm no longer a network marketer, one gem that I took away from that profession was,

That personal development holds the keys to the kingdom.

When you work on you, your business and life transforms. 

"I don't have time to read!"

I'd righteously proclaim in anger.

In 2014, I was a new mom, a full time RN Educator, wellness coach, network marketer, and I'd just started learning about online business.

I was trying to master a million things, hoping that it would all add up to financial freedom, yet all it was doing was burning me out.

I was doing a lot of "shoulding" instead of slowing down and working on myself and the tasks that move my business forward. 

Then entered Bo Eason into my life. I saw him on stage at Worlds Greatest Speaker Training, went to his Personal Story Power Event, and joined his mastermind. His methods have helped me simplify. 

1. There is No Plan B for your A Game

This is a must read if you were like me; trying to master it all, staying really comfortable, and afraid of your own greatness. Bo gives you permission to play like the force that you are in business and in life. 

2.  Turning Pro

Once I joined Bo's mastermind, he gave me the book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. It was through him that I first learned about distraction, resistance, and truly living into my creative side. He says,

"When we turn pro, we stop running from our fears, we turn around and face them."

I learned how to make fear my friend, invite it in, and use it as fuel to do that things that scares me. Out of all of the fears I made up in my mind, NONE of it came true when I did the damn thing.

3. Untamed

Glennon Doyle is the most eloquent, in my head, all the things I couldn't quite put into words about how I feel, starting back at me on the page, holy shit, I love this book kind of writer. 

I went back and read this book a second time, I loved it so much. 

Her quote,

"Every time you're given a choice between disappointing someone else and disappointing yourself, your duty is to disappoint someone else. Your job, throughout your entire life, is to disappoint as many people as it takes to avoid disappointing yourself."

This was a wake up call for me in business. I was working so hard to be efficient, to please everyone else that I turned into a doormat.

I let myself have loose boundaries and I made myself available to my clients 24/7. 

You can only image the energy that I met my family with each day. I learned how to choose me, and the rest of this year has made me feel unstoppable.

4. You Are A Badass at Making Money

I didn't read You Are A Badass. I had already read a TON of books on confidence and felt I was in a good spot with it. Don't read a book because I tell you to, or someone else tells you to.

Aim your personal development on what you're struggling with.

But then came along this book. I never realized that I had money mindset issues until I wanted to charge more. We were already doing impeccable work with incredible testimonials; We weren't charging enough. 

She said,

"Worrying is praying for stuff you don't want."

I realized the more I focused on all the bad that COULD happen, "What if they don't pay it. What if we don't get any clients. What if we lose clients" the more I was going to attract that.

I focused on the good. Started a killer gratitude practice, and never looked back. As a result, we more than doubled our monthly income. 

5. Present over Perfect

I read Shauna Niequest's book on a cottage vacation in 2018 and it stopped me dead in my tracks. A friend suggested it to me, and I wouldn't dare admit to myself that I wasn't being present with my family. 

I planned to read it at the cottage and leave it there, almost as if there was no proof that I was trying to better myself in this area.

NO NO NO. I have it ALLL together. Well I didn't and this book rocked my world.

"And so one of the tiny little things I'm learning to do it play. To purposely waste time. To strategically avoid strategy. For five minutes at a time. Intentionally not be intentional about every second. To have no purpose, on purpose."

I've learned to wake up every day with gratitude. To start and end my day with intention. To have structure to do the hard things, and free time to play a little.

I've learned how to be kind to myself and honour myself so I can

Heal in the highest way to do the greatest good. 


Self-Talk, Story and Strategy 12 week- 1:1 Coaching. Now taking on 3 clients from Sept-December.

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