How Turning "Woo Woo, " De-cluttering, and Saging Renewed My Business

Posted Sep 15th, 2020 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure, Footer Features

I rolled my eyes at "them." 

The conference I was speaking at, was a mix of, get things done business advice, and internal knowing to stay in alignment.

Words like getting into alignment, tapping into spirit, spirits guidance, meditation used to annoy me.

"WHO is this spirit? We have deadlines, people."

Other speakers came up to the stage and led guided meditations, visualization, and participants shared afterwards their massive breakthroughs that happened in a 15 minute meditation,

And all I kept thinking was, "When's lunch?"

Then came Shalini. She played her sound bowls and a vibration happened in my body that I'd never experienced before. It was like a fire was lit inside me and I got a calming yet confident energy to map out the entire rest of the year in business. The vision was clear. 

Lunch finally came and guess who sat next to me? I shared with Shalini how I could never really GET meditation, and she shared with me that she'd always wanted to create a course around it for people exactly like me!

Creating this course with Shalini excited me! It was new territory, new content, and a new way of doing business.

I'd give Shalini an idea or a deadline, and she'd have to check with Spirit. I didn't know what to do with that at first.

But then, I realized what an incredible GIFT it was. 

Shalini helped me challenge the narrative in my own mind. As a critical, analytical thinker, we entered into a beautiful dance between getting guidance from the universe AND still sticking to check points to keep the content, design, and development moving. 

"There doesn't need to be stress, "

She'd tell me.  That phrase stuck with her project and our other client's projects.

Shalini was exactly WHO and WHAT I needed in my life, and I was who she was looking for!

To align with her vision, I started studying. What is this world of woo? What were the origins of meditation, yoga, crystals. What are these chakras? 

The more I read, the more it intrigued me, and those practices I swore were weird or "not for me, " were EXACTLY for me. They are for everyone! 

I learned how to feed my soul.

I learned how to trust my gut.

I started to pause to meditate.

I started to move my body with joy.

I learned about my inner child and how to heal it.

I re-wrote my own stories.

I started a Saturday sage ritual.

I started a Sunday de-clutter.

I grounded myself deeper.

I fell in love with yoga again.

I fell in love with my body and what it can do.

I opened up my voice and my heart.

I started telling stories that I didn't think I could tell.

I paid attention to the universal signs.

I gave myself grace.

I started every day with gratitude. 

I started to talk about what I wanted to talk about.

I wrote what I wanted to write about. 

I learned to say NO to demands and YES to myself.

Life got SIMPLE.

In a year when it appears like the world is crumbling, I believe that Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Ocean has a plan. We're releasing, renewing, and there will be beauty on the other side if you choose to see it.

Now is the time to question old thinking, past patterns, and how we've been operating. I don't see deadlines as deadlines anymore. Deadlines are moveable. Anyone or anything that's difficulty is a sign that it's not a right fit. The more I work on myself, the more my business grows. It's not about working myself to death, it's about living a full life.

And there is no "US" and "THEM."

In the words of Shalini, "We are all one."


Have a burning desire to create you life's passion and work? Let's talk about how we can bring your gifts to life in the online space. 

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