How To Not Take A "NO" Personally In Sales And Receive The Right “YES”

Posted Nov 10th, 2020 in Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices, Overcoming Perfectionism and Failure, Footer Features, Podcast

Human as we are, we can’t help but sometimes feel discouraged whenever we hear a “no”, most especially in the sales business. Yet, in order to succeed, we must learn how not to take a “no” personally, move past this initial rejection, and start over. How? In this episode, Lisa Pezik shares the four tactics that have helped her recover quicker from the no and receive the right YES. She dives deep into solid messaging, split energy, re-direction, and follow-up. When Lisa started in the business almost a decade ago, she approached sales in the way “everyone else was doing it.” Finding her authentic voice and clearing the emotional baggage around money and sales, she is now helping many others overcome this challenge. Lisa lends that wisdom in this discussion.


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How To Not Take A "NO" Personally In Sales And Receive The Right “YES”

I want to talk to you about how to not take a no personally. I've been doing a lot of sales training. I've been teaching people how to get out of their heads, get into their hearts, what to say, how to say it, their tone, their pitch, their physicality. Releasing all of those blocks around selling, and the grabbing on this has to work urgency of pressure that we place on ourselves that ultimately kills the sale. I've been working with experts. I've been bringing in experts to educate my community to get a better handle on how to sell and how to be good at it, and how to not overthink it because we know that sales are the lifeblood of the business.

Sales are what changes lives. Sales are what keeps you in business. What happens when you get a no? For me, I used to take a no personally. I used to feel like a no meant something was wrong with me, that they didn't trust me, that it was something I said or something I did, or it was proof that I wasn't enough. I shouldn't have left my stable 9 to 5 as a nurse, my well-paying, benefit-yielding job that people would die for and want to stay in until they retire. All this stuff in my head was mucking up the way that I bounce back and recover from when you get a no. The no has nothing to do with you 99.9% of the time.

Sales are what changes lives. Sales are what keeps you in business.

Unless you've been a jerk, pushy, brash and you can honestly say, "I said that thing I shouldn't have. I lost my temper," whatever it is. If you can pinpoint it down to that, you're in that 0.1%, which I'm sure doesn't happen for anybody. Nobody wants to be a jerk to someone. However, what happens when we get into our own head? How do we change that scenario where someone tells us no and we go, "Cool, moving on?" Someone tells us no and twenty minutes later, we started having another conversation with somebody else. How do we get what feels like maybe sucker-punched or punched in the gut and it doesn't even faze us? It doesn't even feel like a sucker punch.

It doesn't even feel like the world is crumbling and the sky is falling. It's no big deal. I've got four steps for you. This is what I had to learn to do when people that I cared about said no, or people that I knew I could help said no. I would put my butt on the line, and I would get in front of people in webinars and stages, and I wouldn't make a single sale in the very beginning. This is how I learned how not to take a no personally. Number one is your messaging. I was doing what everybody else was doing. When I first got into this online space, that's what we do, we copycat. We look at people that we admire and we see how they're talking to their people until we get our own voice, find our place, get the foundation of the roots into it of who we are and what we believe.

LPS 173 | No In Sales

I was looking at the messaging and it was saying, "Make money online, make money while you sleep, live that freedom lifestyle, and make money 24/7." I was like, "That's what I want to help people do. I want people to get online and see the power of this." I quickly learned that I was attracting broke people. I was attracting people that didn't have a budget, that wasn't making any money, that we're trying to sell and trying to create courses and memberships, go-to programs, websites, funnels and social media. They were doing it because they needed money. They were broke.

What made me think that they would have the money to pay me and my husband, to hire us to do the work that needed to be done? I was blatantly attracting broke people where my messaging was, "Do you need to make money?" That didn't match the high ticket done for you, the right person that we wanted to be working with who was the established business owner that knows who they are, that has skin in the game, that has made significant money, six figures and beyond in their business. They have the money to reinvest into their marketing.

The fortune is in the follow-up. A no could be a no, just not now.

They have leads coming into their business. They always have someone they can make offers to, to regenerate that money in. I was getting a no because my messaging of who I was targeting was off. If you're getting a lot of noes and you don't have any money mindset issues, you don’t have any selling fear, shame, guilt and worry around that. If you feel you're coming across the best way possible and you're getting a lot of noes, I want you to look at the messaging of who you're attracting, who this is for, and who you are speaking to. Make sure that it matches with who you want to serve. I know that sounds silly but I was like, "It’s such a huge conscious awakening that happened."

Number two, split energy. My friend, Jen Lyall taught me about this which is why I needed to throw this in here and share. We did a masterclass on releasing the fear of the shame around selling. She called this term split energy. I'd been teaching stuff like that. I didn't know that was what you call it. Split energy is when you want to help somebody and your heart is in the right place but your head is mucking it up. You've got fear, guilt, shame, and the death grip of this has to work. You can be excited, but maybe you are pressuring people. You're not taking your time and being patient with the sale.

LPS 173 | No In Sales

I was speaking at a webinar and I spoke for free in July. They asked me back and it’s free again. The next day I got a call from the CEO of the 9,000-person community that I spoke to. He said, "I want to offer you a joint venture, affiliate and rev share opportunity. I want you to be able to make proposals and you've earned that right to directly offer your services because our people love you." I went and spent longer than two hours because I prepared and practiced and made Slidex. I don't normally do Slidex, but that's the way they wanted it. I put in a lot of what's called sweat equity to get this opportunity.

I didn't say, "If you're not going to let me sell this first time around. No, thank you." I saw the potential in the community and I took my time with it. You could be incredibly excited, but if you're pressuring the sale too soon, the audience, organizer and potential client are going to feel that. Play the long game. You've heard me talk about this already, but that return on gratitude. If you’re getting a lot of noes, how can you give more of what they want and they need in order to eventually come back to you and get it later? If you're getting a lot of noes, how can you play the longer game?

We are human beings, not human doings.

Number three, no is redirection and an energy protection. Sometimes people say no to me and we're still connected on social media. I wish them well. I look and I see their business is tanking, which I want. They've hired somebody else and they're bashing this other provider. They're always complaining about something. They have a lot of drama in their life and I go, "Thank you, universe." It's that little bit of believing in something, a spirit, God, whatever belief that you have. It's believing that you're not on this journey alone, that whoever you resonate with, somebody up above has got you.

I remember when I was doing healing work with my healer, and I know some of you that are in this space are thinking, "What, did she smoke? What's going on?" She said, "You got a whole council of angels, fairies, guides and people that are pulling for you." Every time I hear a no, when I believe in my heart of hearts that I've done everything right, I've attracted the right person, my energy wasn't split, I've practiced and rehearsed, my messaging is good, I felt I wasn't tied to the outcome, and I didn't have a death grip on it, I didn't care either way because it's not about me, and they said no. I thought that's spirits or energy protection. There's a reason why that was no because something or someone better is coming. 

Lastly, the fortune is in the follow-up. A no could be just not right now. It truly might not be the right time for somebody. They may not have the finances. They may not have the time. They may be all in. As we've seen in 2020, it can be quickly flipped on its head. What you think you know and the environment or scenario that you're in can be quick. We don't know anything about no one and nowhere. We are scrambling to find grounding, safety and security.

When your why is strong, you're balanced, you get the self-care game, you know who you are in business, and you have a big game that you're playing, you’ll recover much quicker. That fortune is in the follow-up. Somebody's world might have been turned upside down and things changed. How you handle the no is going to determine if they're going to come back to you or not. If you still are of service, “I understand, but here's who I can connect you with.” Eric and I, when we get on calls with people to learn about who they are and what they need, we ended up treating it like a strategy call.

A lot of people say, "You shouldn't be doing that. You shouldn't be giving away with all that information without somebody saying yes and accepting the proposal and working with you." Our goal is to serve. Even if you don't hire us, we're giving you enough stuff that you can go and implement and do on your own, or at least you know the path that you need to take. We've cleared up that confusion whether you hire us to carry out the plan or not. How do you take that no? How do you lead people when you don't "get what you want" which is that yes in that sale? That is integrity. That says everything about your brand, emotion and your character. That question is who do you need to be? We are human beings, not human doings.

Who are you being in that moment when you get that no? Those are the four things I want you to focus on. I want you to go through this and nail this before the end of 2020. We are still selling. We are still out there. We are still doing. Business is happening. The world is moving. The train is going and I want you to be on it. I want you to offer you because no one does it the way you do it. No one does it like you because you are the only you on this planet. If you need help, please Message me. Let's get on a strategy call. Let's dive deep and get you unstuck, moving, selling and not taking this no personally so that you can bounce back. That next yes can find you, or you can go out and find it quickly and keep yourself in motion. Thank you for reading. I'll see you next time.

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