Using Your Inner Compass To Grow And Scale With Laura Michelle Powers

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LPS 179 | Inner Compass

We are in control of what is happening in our lives. And if we manage to attune our inner compass according to our beliefs and goals, everything would be possible and well within our reach. Joining Lisa Pezik is actress, writer, and psychic Laura Michelle Powers to discuss how understanding the natural GPS in our bodies can help us move away from the generic success checklist and become more connected to our intuition. She also explains the importance of a well-designed and updated business website, why perfectionism has no place in the road to success, and how the universe takes on a Netflix-like attitude to provide suggestions to our lives.


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Using Your Inner Compass To Grow And Scale With Laura Michelle Powers

I’m excited to have someone with me. I cannot wait to tell you all the amazing, interesting, unique things that she is, how she is qualified and why I'm having her on to talk about removing blocks, removing limitations, calling in that abundance and that Law of Attraction, and all the things that you want to leave behind in 2020, jump into 2021. If you're reading this and we're already into 2021, what you should be focusing on to move your business in the direction that you want it to go. You've probably heard that angel phrase, “You don't have a business problem. You have a personal problem,” that is spilling over into your business. We are getting deep down of who you are, what makes you tick and what powers you have. I have my friend whose name is Laura Michelle Powers. Laura, thank you for being here with us.

I'm happy to be here. I love this topic. I'm excited to dig into this.

Let me tell you about Laura Michelle. She is a celebrity psychic, actress, model, producer, host, writer, medium ghost whisperer, singer and speaker. She helps others receive guidance and communicate with loved ones. While she was building her psychic business, she was making her living as an actress. After allowing her true calling to guide her, she lost weight, she has a healthier life and she's able to do all the things she loves to do. When we were booking a time to do this, she's like, “I don't do mornings.” I'm like, “Right on.” She has a TV show in development and is producing her first film. She hosts several podcasts and I know she is the one to go to if you want to know about podcasts on design, music, the entertainment industry, writing, health, spirituality, business empowerment, millions of listeners, tons of viewers, seven published books, and three more published in 2021. Shopping several screenplays and a television pilot inspired by her work and life as a psychic. She is seen on CNN, BuzzFeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Motherboard, The Jet Set TV Show, Vice Magazine. I want to dive right into after allowing her true calling. Can you dive a bit deeper and tell us a bit about that?

Ever since I’m little, I've been psychic, sensitive and creative. We get many messages in our society about what we're supposed to do, how to be successful. Early on, I got that message loud and clear that some of these things were “not the way to go.” I had a family friend that I remember, he asked me when I was 7 or 8 years old, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, “I want to be an actress, a model and a singer.” Psychic wasn't even in my mental timeframe at that point. He laughed at me. I don't think he was trying to be mean. I think he thought, “What an audacious little kid.” Those kinds of things impact you. As I grew up, I was always creative but learned to put it to the side, to be more practical, do the thing you're supposed to do. I got into adulthood and I was doing the checklist of, “Here's how to be successful in life. Nice house, check. Advanced degree, check. Fancy job, check. Husband, check.” It was all the things. During the recession, it all came tumbling down. I realized that everything that I had been building was terrible for me. I was unhappy. I was physically ill. I was in a bad marriage that was falling apart. I am unemployed, with no money. All the things that you want to be good in life were terrible.

I did a big reality check moment and went back to soul searching, “Who did I want to be? What did I want to do?” I went to a psychic to try to get guidance because everything was such a mess. I was trying to figure out how do I get back to an aligned path. Without me telling her, picked up on some things, like me having psychic abilities and shutting them out as a younger person. Through that process, I realized I needed to get back in touch with myself and my path. I started taking psychic development classes. That was more for myself at that point, but through the process, I would do practice readings for people that were in the classes. People started to say, “You're good at this.” They started to ask me. Once I got tuned in enough, I started to realize that I was being guided by my angels and spirit guides to do this professionally, which was terrifying. My Master's degree is in Political Science. I worked in government and politics.

This is out of the left field for the work that I had been doing prior to that. Once I stopped fighting it and listened, everything magically unfolded for me. I also dive back into my creative work and it's been an incredible ride. Ever since then, I quickly got media attention and grew my business quickly. I went from starting it as my side hustle at the time to quitting my other consulting work and quitting working as an actress because my second work was taking off. That all happened in about a year and a half, which is fast, especially in the unusual business that is psychic work. I started that during the recession. I'm a big fan of teaching people how do you get realigned with your passion and purpose. You can do it as a business and you can be successful no matter what that business is, as long as you approach it right and your mindset is right. That mindset is super crucial.

You're busting out all these myths that you hear people say in business like, “It takes so much time to grow a successful business. I can't make money doing that.” I love how you were saying about the checklist because you're right. Doctor, lawyer, consultant, all those jobs that we picture in our mind that our parents want us to be, actress, singer, psychic, author, even all of those, none of that. Anyone goes, “You should pursue that. That's fantastic.” I could imagine being hit with those powers or being tapped into that would be scary because that's not something that you talk about at the dinner table and share.

I remember I was watching Oprah's Soul Sunday. Oprah was saying, “How do you know when you are off path?” He was saying, “You're hitting so much resistance. It's such a struggle. It's frustrating. Everything is hard.” That's what made me think about when you were saying, “I listened to the guidance I was getting.” Everything started to fall into place for you quicker. That's the real fear part, you help people get back into what that passion and true power is. What does someone do when they are in the doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, government role, but they're like, “I wish I could do this, I'm getting this hit or this calling to go do that?” What was one of the first things that you did to start there when you got hit with that, and you were like, “I’ve got to make a change?”

I agree when you’re hitting much resistance. In my case, I was hitting resistance all the way, my health, my relationship, my housing situation, my job, my money or lack thereof. A lot of times in our lives, we get the hot-cold message like, “You're getting colder.” That's what happened. It was like, “You are not listening to this at all.” To try to get off of that, if you're in a similar situation or if you feel you're not at the level where you want to be, it's not maybe that horrible but it's still like, “Something is missing. I don't feel satisfied. I'm not where I want to be.”

LPS 179 | Inner Compass

The first thing is to get some guidance and clarity. Going to a psychic is the first thing, but I'm a huge fan of training yourself to figure out how to use your intuition. I teach psychic development classes and intuition classes. Everyone has an inner compass. Most of us have never been taught to use it. A lot of us don't even know that it's there until we start to explore this area. The most powerful thing you can do is figure this stuff out yourself and then you can naturally intuit and make choices and decisions that are aligned with you every moment. That's one of the reasons why I've been able to grow my business, especially in an unusual field quickly is because I'm constantly getting that method and listening to it.

The trick is that sometimes we get a message through our intuition that makes logically no sense. Even maybe counter logical, if it feels against logic. When we listen and we learn how to do that, that's when the magic and that exponential growth happens, and incredible opportunities and experiences are coming your way, as well as an easier, better life. When I look at the life that I was living before, it was like, “That was so awful.” It’s easy if you had that time. It’s like before I hit my rock bottom moment. Let's say a year before that, in my opinion, things were still bad knowing what I can have now. I would have been, “I’m happy. Things are great,” but now I was miserable. You have more than you think, that's the other thing. We're taught to be small, limited and that there's not much that we can do. The truth is so opposite of that.

My mentor, Bo Eason, that I study with, he always says, “It's much harder being what you're not. It’s so exhausting being what you're not.” What you're speaking to is that you have to have courage to listen to those messages, whether they make sense or they make no sense, and the courage to go, “What if? Where do I go to find out more and explore that?” The beauty of the online space is that you can have experts and teachers, trainers, psychics, guides and healers at your fingertips to help you figure it out. I hear that a lot of people say entrepreneurship is a lonely ride. Tell me, do you agree? I don't agree with that. What do you think about that phrase?

I feel that it can be. A lot of people have that experience. On a level, I can understand why that’s said. I didn't come from a family of entrepreneurs. You got money. You went to school. You got a job, other people paid you. That's how it all worked. When I started doing this, I remember people being like, “What are you doing?” Acting like I was wasting my time. They didn't say it, but that was the unspoken thought or feeling. One of the big mistakes, or maybe a learning curve that a lot of entrepreneurs make, is they are trying to do it alone. That's a recipe for failure in my opinion.

The key to being successful is connecting with others, getting support, learning from them and specifically learning from others that have done it and are successful. Get a coach, take classes, go to conferences. That's one thing that I got intuitively, psychically quickly. In a couple of ways that that manifests, I was guided to start a podcast early on. I've been podcasting for several years. I'm an early adopter in terms of podcasting. One of the things podcasting did, because I did an interview format, is that I was constantly talking with these people that were successful and experts. It’s like, “They're doing it. I should do that too. Here's how I can do this particular thing.”

Attending conferences. I learned I could access conferences as press through my podcasts. I started submitting for press credentials. A lot of podcasters don't know you can do that, but you can. You're not paying for the conference and you're frequently getting access that you wouldn't otherwise. I attended a ton of conferences. I invested in myself and my business at a time when it felt a scary thing to do. I would put a major conference or course on a credit card when I had no money to do it. Intuitively I got to do it and every single time it has come back to me tenfold. If you're trying to do it alone, it's going to be a long, hard road and you may give up before you get success. Don't do that. Get community, that's a total game-changer.

Others can help you streamline. That's a big thing too. There's that myth that you’ve got to do it alone and there's a myth that you’ve got to do it all. That is the depth of a business as well. In the beginning, there is a level of you do, do it all because you want to get out and you want to know, maybe you don't even have the funds to pay for people. Once you're in that position, get a team, start with something as simple as a VA. You can't do it all, nor should you.

I remember when we first started chatting, you were sharing with me about you were on Will Ferrell’s podcast, and you've had some neat, interesting PR things that make you stand out. I was like, “Did you hire somebody for PR? How did you do that?” You're like, “No, I did it myself.” I want to talk a bit about your mindset to be able to go after those big stages, big podcasts, well-known clients, well-known people. What was going through your head to get that Law of Attraction or that manifestation? How did you put yourself in that mindset to be like, “I want that and I'm going to get it, here's what I'm going to do to make it happen?”

The mindset is key. You touched on getting support, that's key. If you are not in it alone, if you have support, first of all, you think about yourself differently. When you're like, “Here's my assistant.” Even if it's a VA and you're paying them $5 an hour for five hours a week, no one else needs to know that. Take those steps to make yourself feel significant and go for it. There's a huge benefit to incremental upgrades and steps and going for it but keep improving as you go. My first media was through using my intuition. I got the intuitive message to do readings at a local coffee shop. This was when I was brand new. I was completely starting.

LPS 179 | Inner Compass

Finally, after resisting a bit, I listened, booked things with my friend who owned the coffee shop, put a flyer in the window, a simple Microsoft Word little flyer that I did, this was before Canva, but it didn't matter. I love the idea of doing whatever you can. Do it and then upgrade as you go. I put that in the window and then the managing editor of the local newspaper called and asked if he could write a story about me. He was there during my first time I was doing it at the coffee shop. After he wrote a story about me, two days later, it was in the regional newspaper and then my phone started to ring. Don’t be a perfectionist. Whatever resources you have, in my case, my community contact owns the coffee shop.

I had done a reading for her and she was blown away. She was like, “Yes.” Use that and leverage that with media. Whatever you get, make sure you list it and make sure people know. It's so much easier to get other media. With Will Ferrell’s show, I'm confident that if I didn't have a lot of other media before that, it wasn't clear that that opportunity would have been sent my way. I asked the producer of that show, who's the one that reached out to me, about her process. She found me online. She went to my website and then she said she spent several hours on my website checking me out because when you get to someone of Will Ferrell’s level, they want to make sure that they're not going to pick someone that's going to choke. They checked out all the things.

A lot of people, I don't think they treat their website to be as important as it is. Their credibility is there. One thing that media does is it helps you with that credibility piece. There are some incredible PR people. If you feel guided to do that or you know someone who can help you in that way, then do that. I have done almost everything solo, me manifesting an energy. I've hired a firm to help me with some bookings from the perspective of efficiency, because in my business I'm like, “I want to offload this for time purposes.” You don't have to do that, but the point is do it, upgrade as you go, get yourself out there. I do feel that media piece is profoundly important and podcasting too. Podcasting is a wonderful springboard into some of these bigger media. I know that I would have gotten the media opportunities that I've had if it wasn't for podcasting. Even on television, I can directly tie television opportunities to podcasting. If these other things feel overwhelming or out of reach, start with podcasting. That can be accessible to everyone.

This is the episode of getting these vibes of I think about my child who's seven and I tell him something and he doesn't listen, but then his martial arts instructor will tell him then he'll go and do it. It’s like, “When mom says, but you don't listen to mom.” It's like, “When Lisa says, but you don't listen to Lisa. Laura said.” You are hitting on everything that I preach and talk about. One, I love how you said, “Do it and upgrade as you go.” Many people are like, “How did you do it?” I did it like you. I made the flyer. I did the thing. I booked the thing. I shot the video. I started the podcasts. You do it and then you get better as you do it, or people see it and then people come to help you and they say, “I know how I can help you make this better.” I love how you said to throw out that perfection. When you wait for perfection, you never put it out and then nothing happens. You're way more tapped into the universe than I am. I always say the universe rewards action. When they see you taking it and doing it, then they're willing to give you more than you not putting yourself out there.

A lot of times, if you take an action, something else will come in that same area that doesn't even have a direct connection. Let's say you're wanting to book media as an example. You take a course on podcasting on booking media, or you may get something out of the left-field that is not directly connected with that action but on an energetic level, it is, because you're saying, “I'm willing to work on this. I'm willing to put myself out there,” versus, “Here you go.” It sends it your way.

Number three, where you said about the website. People think a website is a ‘set it and forget it.’ I'm like, “That is the death of everything.” People are like, “How did you get speaking gigs?” I'm like, “I started a podcast and a YouTube show, and I put it on my website.” They're like, “How did you write?” Even you, you have nine books and more to come. Even me, they're like, “How did you write your bestselling books?” I’m like, “I started with a blog on my website.” I started writing. I paired my action to the big thing that I wanted to go after, but all of that, every speaking engagement, all the blogs, all my books, similar to you, it's on my website and it's constantly updated and showcasing the good work that I'm doing and the authority that I'm building. Every two years or so, I don't know about you, but my website is getting a facelift every two years.

I'm at the point where I'm like, “I need to do that again.” Not that it's outdated per se, but it feels like it’s needed. If you have a hard time with that, then hire someone to do it. It's worth it.

Even if you do it, because that's what we do for our clients, but we are working, I'm like, “I need our team copywriter to come and write my copy. I need our design team to redesign this for me.” Sometimes even if you're good at it and you do it, you're too insular. You're too close to it. You've got to hire somebody to come in if you're hitting blocks or getting stuck. Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport. Can you take us home with, if people have not heard of the Law of Attraction? Most people have, but if someone is like, “What in the world is she talking about? Manifesting and believing.” Give them the 101 to start doing that if they've never played in that world before.

From a quantum physics, mechanics perspective, everything is energy and we put out energy and vibration. Things match that and it comes to us. That’s why I've been able to have these incredible spirit experiences. The media that I booked, working with celebrity clients, incredible travel, I have multi-millionaire and billionaire clients. This is because I'm energetically putting it out there and putting out that frequency and setting intentions, being clear that this is what I want to bring in. The universe, it taps in. I feel the universe is a lot like a Netflix queue. I'll share that analogy, I got that from my guides. It resonates that we decide what we want to watch and what we want to bring into our lives.

LPS 179 | Inner Compass

The universe, this algorithm is constantly observing. What are we watching? What are we engaging with? It's sending more of that our way. Pay attention to, “What am I saying yes to in my life, and is that what I want to have and to have more of?” That's how the universe works. The Law of Attraction is about boundaries and letting go of the things that are taking away from you energetically or that are not aligned with you or where you want to go. As you continue to release those things, it makes room for the things that you want to bring in, and then you need to be clear on like, “What is it that I want to bring in?” It's complex. There's a ton of books and experts on this, and this is one of the things that I teach and I'm constantly learning it.

Even though I've manifested incredible things, I also feel in a lot of ways, I'm still at the beginning too. It's a learning process. I do believe that manifesting is like a muscle, the more you do it, the better you get at it. You also learn how to do it better. It's a process. Learning to set intentions, eliminate all this stuff that is not aligned with where you want to go and that pulls on your energy. From an energy perspective, things that hold you down keep you from rising up to whatever your goals are. That could be belongings. Do you have a lot of clutter in your house or old things that are the old you? Do you have a lot of friends or connections with clients where you feel drained and exhausted? Do you take care of your body? Does your body feel down? All of those things are important in terms of manifesting. Also significant is learning to clear false beliefs, limiting beliefs that we have. You can want to bring something in, but if your mind doesn't believe that it's possible, it's going to be a fight to bring it in. If you work on shifting the beliefs, then it can come in fast.

Sometimes the limiting beliefs smack us in the face and we're aware of it. Other times, I don't think we recognize it because I can remember a situation, not even business-related, completely personal. I was sharing with a friend who's tapped into all of this amazing stuff and helping me get more tapped in. I was talking about the fact that we couldn't keep a babysitter. All our young babysitters were quitting, going off to college or taking other jobs. My husband and I were like, “We are never ever going to get a date night. We haven't had a date night in two years.”

I was going on and on about it. She was silent the whole time. She’s like, “Do you believe that a wonderful, amazing person is out there that wants to watch Oliver and is excited to come over?” We were saying that babysitters play on their phones when we come home and he's eating 4 pounds of ice cream for dinner. You’re like, “What happened while you were here?” We've had this horror show of babysitters. They're like, “Do you believe that a responsible, caring, excited?” I was like, “No, I don't, because of the experience.” She's like, “There's your problem. That's why you keep getting all these babysitters that aren't a great fit.” This was right before COVID happened. There have been no babysitters at our house. I was like, “That was such a huge shift. I'm the one blocking the person that I need because I don't even believe that they're out there.” Of course, they're out there. Everything you said made me think of that situation. If we don't let go of those beliefs and we don't believe that it's possible or believe that you're capable or believe that it's there for you, it's not going to come to you.

This is something I heard, which has resonated, which is, “Beliefs are our agreement with reality.” I agree to that. If you want to change your reality, be like, “I don't agree to that if that's the situation. I don't agree that's true for me.” It might be true for other people, especially if that's what they believe, but it doesn't have to be true. It's a constant process of identifying those beliefs, like in your case about the babysitters. Working on clearing it, there are several different tools you can work on clearing. A lot of times, these beliefs are insidious and under the surface that you don't even realize that's what's operating. One of the beliefs that I've been working on clearing is, it's not okay for women to have a lot of money, or it's not okay for women to be powerful or successful business owners. Even though I logically don't buy into that at all, I realized there were some unconscious things that I've been working on. As soon as I started working on those beliefs, my business shot up to a whole other level, because on an energetic level, that was out there being like, “I can only have so much because that's how things are.” False belief. As long as you have those, even in your unconsciousness, it will limit what can come to you.

Money is such a big one for women. I grew up with the, “If you want to make money, you've got to work your butt off. You’ve got work to make money. It’s hard and it's a grind.” I know for me, I've had both of those. The first one was, you don't always have to be grinding and burning yourself out into craziness. Two, not coming from money, not coming from entrepreneurship the same thing, when you start hitting those higher numbers, sometimes it kicks your butt. For me, I was like, “Who am I even making X amount when it's more money than my entire family, combined.” I don't say that in any bragging way, but when you start to have abundance, sometimes it's hard to sit with that. My one friend calls it hooks. You have these little hooks like someone says something to you, or that person that laughed at you when you were a kid. You have all these hooks of things that keep you stuck from what's possible for you to have and achieve. I love that you were talking about that. That's relevant for women.

It's for everyone, especially for women. It doesn't matter where you came from, you can move past that. There are these kinds of beliefs, whether you came from a wealthy background or a poor background. In my case, we were on public housing assistance. I got free lunches. We were poor. I say that from an American perspective, compared to a lot of the rest of the world that are rich. It's all a matter of perspective, but regardless, so much of it is whether you feel rich or poor. Even if you came for money, then you might have some baggage associated with that. Let's say if your parents weren't happy, then you're like, “If you're rich, you can't have love.” You watch out for that. There are so many of these deep, insidious beliefs that you have to work at. The hard part of this stuff is figuring that stuff out and then working on clearing it. It doesn't have to be hard, but sometimes it's that discovery part that’s the most challenging part.

That's the scariest part. A lot of people feel like, “If I dig down there, I don't know if I'm going to like what I find. I don't know if I'm equipped to deal with the emotions that come up.” You see people or yourself in a different light. That can be scary when those familiar patterns or those stories that you've told yourself are true when you start to see in a different light. I love that you're sharing when you do that work though, that's the first step to becoming aware. Uncovering and then changing it for the better. That's necessary work. You can't avoid that.

You could be doing all the “right things” in terms of how to grow your business. You could take the classes, get the credentials, hire the people and still not have the success if your energy isn't aligned, or your beliefs are blocking you. I've come across with people like, “I’ve done all the things.” I'm like, “If you don't believe you can, you won't.” The good news is there are things you can do to change that. It's not a hopeless situation, but you have to recognize the importance of that and then work on shifting that. It's also a layer thing, layers of the onion, where it's not like, “I'm done. One level, there's some more.” You peel back. The more you keep peeling back those layers and doing that work, the faster things shift for you, and the more dramatic the changes and the positive results are.

LPS 179 | Inner Compass

Sometimes even if you think you've resolved it, things come back and bite you and you’re like, “I thought I dealt with this. I’ve got more work to do in this area.” It's true what you say about the onion. That's 110% true. That's a big thing in the industry that I'm in with course, funnel creation and website. Everybody wants the next strategy. I love how you said you don't need another strategy or every time there's an industry event from some of the biggest names in our industry. All my colleagues, peers and clients are like, “Are you going to so-and-so's event?” I'm like, “No, I need to get my butt in the seat.” Time has been the thing for us personally. I'm like, “I don't need any more strategies. I need to work on myself and I need to put my butt in the seat and do more work. I don't need to learn more. I need to go deeper and do more.” That's such a good awareness check for people that if you're not getting what you want or where you are, whatever that looks like for you, and you're searching for that next sales, marketing or digital strategy, that might not be the direction that you need to go. Go inward.

That internal work is the most powerful thing that you can frequently do toward success. Looking at the things that I've done, getting all this major media and stuff. I had no business background, no training, terrible graphics when I started. I have since upgraded because I figured out how to do that. That's the most important thing. Your belief, you're putting it out there and you're taking that effort. One of the mind traps that a lot of people get into is like, “I can't be successful until I have all the things perfectly.” Because they believe that, it will be true for them. They will manifest that into their reality, like, “I need that one more certification. I need this thing.” I can’t count how many people I've met where they have all the training and the certifications. How much money are they making? Zero. That's because of the energy and beliefs. It's important to work in both. The training, the coaches, all that stuff is important, but you have to do that with the energies, and also a good course and a good coach will work on that piece as well, but unfortunately, a lot of them don't.

They're not equipped, or they haven't done the work themselves. What's the best way for them to get in contact with you? I know you help people this way. Even the podcasting, I know you do a lot of stuff helping people. You have said, if you don't know where to start, start with your broadcast. I agree with that 100% because it can open many doors for you, and it levels the playing field of your listenership. I know you help people with podcasting as well. How can they find out more about you and how you can help them?

On the psychic, spiritual, energy side, my website is I tied it with my last name. There you can find information on the Services page about how to work with me as a psychic, my psychic training courses, other types of courses. I teach meditation and all kinds of things like that. On the podcasting, marketing, media side, you can go to my website, there's a Podcast Course page. I do these periodic group podcasting courses. Those are powerful because you are learning with everyone else in the course. I bring in guest experts on media, monetization, affiliate programs and audio. Even if you're brand new, you get what you need in order to launch.

Everyone in the course acts like a launch team for that person. When they launch, it's not going out there to cricket because everyone in the course is supporting you. I also have an advanced course, which is for people who are already podcasting who want to grow their reach, increase their impact, monetize, book media. I highly encourage people that take courses in podcasting. That community piece is important. My podcasting book is about to come out. That's my first non-spiritual book and I'm excited about it. I have gotten the message psychically, spiritually to help people with that piece because I know how powerful it is. I feel there are many people who have such an important message to get out into the world, but they don't know how to do it or they're hitting that resistance. That's why I started teaching podcasting, is to help people do that.

The theme that came out for me was so good. The theme that came out for me was like, “Believe that you can do it. Do the thing and believe that it's there for you and the rest will work its way out. People, sometimes they go, “That sounds simple. I'm like, “No. It is that simple.” We over-complicate it. Thank you for drilling down the simplest way to grow yourself, your business, your reach, and others around you. It was such an honor to have you here.

It's been my pleasure. I love your energy and thank you for getting the word out about everything that you're doing. It's important.

You're welcome. Readers, thank you for reading. We’ll see you next time.

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LPS 179 | Inner CompassLaura Powers is a Celebrity Psychic, actress, model, producer, host, writer, medium, ghost whisperer, singer and speaker! She helps other receive guidance and communicates with loved ones. While she was building her psychic business, she was making her living as an actress. After finally allowing her true calling to guide her, she lost weight, and has a healthier life and is able to do all the things she loves to do. She has a television show in development and is currently producing her first film.

Laura currently hosts several podcasts on design, music, the entertainment industry, writing, health and spirituality, as well as business and empowerment. She has millions of listeners and viewers and her audience is growing quickly!

She is also an author and a writer with 7 published books and 3 more to be published next year. She is also shopping several screenplays screenplays and a television pilot inspired by her work and life as a psychic.

Laura is one of the premiere psychics in Los Angeles though she currently travels to see clients regularly in New York City and other cities all over the world. Prior to her work in this as a psychic, she studied theater at the University of Colorado and has a master's degree in political science and has worked and explored in the political, spiritual and creative realms. She has worked in politics, government, higher education, and as an actress, cabaret singer, and burlesque performer. Laura also works as a ghost whisperer, and paranormal communicator, and works as a consultant medium for a paranormal investigation group, Altitude Paranormal Group.

Featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Motherboard by Vice Magazine, & The Jet Set Television Show

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