How To Turn Your Passion Into Profits With Georgia Woodbine

Posted Mar 24th, 2021 in Blog, Podcast

95% of our thoughts are repetitive, that's why Georgia Woodbine, a lifestyle transformation coach, author, and speaker helps people turn their passions into profits so they can live a life they love. Georgia says, "If you want to see something different, you have to do something different."

We discuss:

1. How to figure out what's right for you using your values and what brings you joy
2. How to connect the dots of your natural talents to figure out your gifts of purpose and profits
3. Look at where you are losing time to create more time
4. How to create a mission statement for your life and why it matters
5. How affirmations and a growth mindset changes the game

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How To Turn Your Passion Into Profits With Georgia Woodbine

Even though this show is named after me, it has nothing to do with me. It's everything about the wonderful guests that I bring on. They're going to talk about their specific thing, the thing that they've mastered, the thing that changed everything for them in their life so that you can hear their stories. You can get that nugget of wisdom. After this show, you're going to go and do something different. That is our hope for you. I have my friend, Georgia Woodbine, here with me. Georgia, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me.

I'm glad to have you here. Let me tell them all about you. You are one of the world's top female speakers, an expert in personal and professional development, and have helped motivate and inspire an entire generation. You are a change agent, an author, a lifestyle transformation coach, seen as being dynamic and entertaining as a speaker. You've been featured in media outlets such as The Daily News, HuffPost, Rolling Out Magazine, Sirius Radio XM. You've created a curriculum and lectured at The Learning Annex, one of the premier producers of seminar lectures, classes and workshops all throughout North America. You've been a guest speaker at a whole ton of amazing colleges and a lot of other network organizations. You've authored several books over years of being an entrepreneur and your business success.

Your gifts and talents are a natural ability. You don't realize how valuable that is.

You even worked in the entertainment industry with Def Jam, PolyGram, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theater, where you worked in management promotions and marketing skills. Now you created and developed a curriculum based on how to choose your career path, charting your success. You've been a life coach for years. You'd coached hundreds of people. You capture your audience with the messages of hope, inspiration, the power of intention, their true purpose, and living a life that they love. Is there anything that you cannot do? I’m fired up reading this. It comes at a fitting time where our world has been shaken up a bit especially us as women, definitely men too. Women, we tend to wear a lot of different hats and a lot of different opportunities in our life. We're starting to question, is what I'm doing working? Do I even enjoy this life or this role that I'm in? Why am I even here? What is my purpose? What is my calling? What lights me up? I love that we're having this conversation. Tell us a bit about how you found your purpose or how you got started in this work.

I think it's this way for a lot of people, hitting your head against the wall, getting to a place where you have no idea what the next move is going to be. You're faced with obstacles, challenges, setbacks and roadblocks. It forces you to start asking yourself some serious, important questions. I always say the most important question you will ever ask yourself is, "Why am I here?" I asked myself that question years ago. I was going through a lot. I was in jobs that I didn't like. I was dealing with some serious health issues. I was a single mom. Many different things are going on in my life. When you get to a point of being sick and tired of the way things are, that's when the transformation begins because you're willing to face what you need to change. I always say you can't change what you don't confront. You have to confront whatever it is that you're trying to change. That's where it started for me.

It takes a bit of courage to confront those things and to want better. Why don't we confront those hard things? Why don't we have that courage sometimes to make a change in our life?

The most common fears, fear of failing, fear of not having enough, fear of not having control, fear of loss, fear of what other people will think. That's the biggest reason why we don't go after the things that we want. That fear inside us holds us back from making those decisions and making those choices. As a lifestyle transformation coach, one of the things I always tell my clients is, "Forget everything you were taught. Forget everything that people told you going up that this is the way to live, this is what society says, this is where you need to be at this age, this is when you need to have a child, this is when you need to buy a house, this is when you need to do this. Forget about all that. Create the life you love based on what's important to you, what's valuable to you, what makes you feel good." That's the hardest thing for people to do.

It sounds like what you're saying is to start with your values and your joy. How many times do we feel guilty or have you heard someone say, "I would love to do that but it's not sensible. I can't make money doing that. What are they going to think of me if I go after this dream or if we share?" How many times have we shared our secrets or shared our dreams and someone shut it down?

Because your gifts and talents are such a natural ability, you don't realize how valuable that is. Why? It's because it comes so naturally to you. To someone else, they'll look at you and say, "You're so good at that. You have a knack for that. That's easy for you,” because it's your gift. We all have different gifts, different talents, and natural abilities. We all have different types of skillsets based on what kind of education we have or what kind of job we were exposed to. It's all about connecting those dots and taking all of those little pieces. What you love to do, what you're good at, what your gift is, what your talent is, what your skillset is, what your education is, what are these things and how do I connect these dots to create the life that I love? That's what it's about.

The mindset is the barrier between where you are and where you’re trying to go.

I've seen this firsthand with the Baby Boomers or even the older generation like my parents in their 60s, in their 70s and 80s when they retire. They're like, "I don't know. I'm so miserable. I don't know what to do with myself." They wrapped their worth and their value into a title, not connecting all those dots that you talk about. When you know what you bring to the table, you can bring it to any table that you want. How did you even know that you wanted to get into this kind of work? What has your path been?

It was a light bulb moment for me. I'll tell you a story. I remember when I was going through that transition in my life, I was losing everything. I lost my home, my car, everything. I had to start all over. I remember having a major flood in my home and I lost everything. The only thing that survived was my ten-year journal. I had it in the bottom of my closet. Writing for me was a therapeutical way to get through things, just to get through it. Whether I was finding the answers or not, it was helping me get through it. I would journal and write these things down. I remember when I had that flood, that was the only thing that survived. It was about 4 feet water. My papers were floating on the top of the water.

I remember picking up the papers. Not one sheet stained with ink. I remember looking, reading those and crying. "I wrote this? When did I write this?" All of these emotions, thoughts, purpose and all of these things. I went back and I looked at it. That was in 2005 and that became my first book. That's when things started to make sense. I have a gift to write but I never in a million years thought about writing a book. I never wrote a book. I didn't know how. I didn't know where to get started. I didn't know who I was going to need. I remember getting the spiritual connection of things coming to me naturally. You've been walking around with sand on your eyes and all of a sudden somebody is pulling the sand off your eyes. It’s like that movie, Clueless, which is like, "I love Josh."

That hit of clarity. Not that it takes a break down or losing everything for that to happen but a lot of times, it does. I would love it as life coaches, strategists and the work that we do that we could sit there and be like, "Be proactive. Get ahead of the game." Some people do. For the most part, it takes losing something, something falling apart, something unexpected happening in your life to make you question, "What am I doing?" If you want to go after something, it's now or never. I'm not putting that on the shelf and waiting for that perfect moment. Do you see that a lot in your coaching that people are like, "I'm not ready. I don't know enough. I only have 100 words written. I don't have the whole book written so I can't take it to anybody?" Are people waiting to create the life they love?

Your life does not suck. Everything that you see is not what you really see.

They're always waiting. One of the ways I break that down to my clients is I say to them, "Georgia, I want to change my career. I want to write a book. I want to find out what my passion is but I don't have enough time." I say, "Let's look at it like this. There are 168 hours in a week. Let's look at that." When you start to dissect your time and look at all the time you have, what you have to do is figure out where you are losing time. It's not that you don't have enough time. It's that you are mismanaging your time. It's looking at it like that. There are so many hours in a week. It's about, "What am I doing? Am I on my phone? Am I on email? Am I on social media? Am I on the phone talking?" Look at your time and be more specific about what you want to spend your time doing. That will make a huge difference in your life.

I had a mentor, Brendon Burchard, who I studied under. He said, "If I open up your planner, I will see what is important to you based on what you have or what you don't have in that. We're good about planning our health appointments and car inspections but where's your growth? Where's your learning time? Where's your passion? Where's your connection with your family? I'm an old-school pen and paper planner. If you open up mine, you will see date nights, nights with mommy and son time, time for my hobbies, time for my workouts, time for my reading and my learning. I’ve got color-coded things everywhere, but you can see where I'm spending my time strategically are on the things that move the needle for me." You're the same. You have a big planner. You're pen and paper like me. You created a planner. It's about what you have in that, what you put in that, and what makes a great planner for you.

This changed my life, planning, journaling. What I want to first share is that I always tell people to create a mission statement for their lives. A lot of times, people look at me and they say, "Georgia, why do I need a mission statement? Those are for companies. Those are for organizations. Those are for not-for-profits." I said, "Create a mission statement for your life. When you do that, what it does is it gives you focus. It gives you clarity. It gives you purpose. It gives you that intuitiveness of what it is that you're trying to create." When I say it that way, they said, "Georgia, what's your mission statement?" I said, "My mission statement is I, Georgia Woodbine, am here to empower, inspire and motivate one million-plus people to transform their mindset to change their lives.” Everything that I do encompasses my mission statement. I'm not wasting time doing things that don't align with my purpose or my passion. I'm not prioritizing my time around things that don't align with that mission statement. That's what it does. It gives you clarity, focus and intention. That's why you need to create a mission statement for your life.

This journal here transformed my life. I went back in 2005 from being depressed, frustrated, stressed out, afraid to leave my job, making in an hour what I was making in a week. That's because I had to have that courage to try something different. You won't see something different until you do something different. Doing things the same way, it's insanity. You've heard that quote. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result." You will not get a different result, people, if you've been doing the same things. You've been doing it for 5 years or 10 years. You've been doing it the same way but you're like, "I want my life to change." It will not change unless you start doing things differently. What I started to do is write things down. I started to write in my journal.

I came up with this planner and it's called the Create the Life You Love Vision Planner Journal. Why is it a vision planner journal? Because I wanted something that was like a vision board that people can take on the go. People had vision boards. I know you know a lot about vision boards. Vision boards changed my life too. When you have a vision board, you put pictures on there. You put words on there. Sometimes it's not right there in front of you. Sometimes you don't look at it every day. This is like an on-the-go vision board. That's why it's called A Vision Planner to Create the Life You Love. It's all about creating the life you love.

What's happening now is a consciousness level shift. People's consciousness level is being shifted where they're starting to ask themselves, "In the new normal, I don't know if I liked the old normal. Now I'm working from home. I'm spending more time with my family. I'm spending more time with my children. I'm going for more walks. We're sitting down having dinner together. I don't know if the old normal served me well. I think I like this new normal."

This vision planner journal comes with 50-plus positive affirmation stickers. We all know about positive affirmations. Why positive affirmations? What happens is there are two basic mindsets that shape your lives. You have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is something that feels like, "My qualities are carved in stone. This is where I am. This is where I'm from. This is where my parents grew up. This is all I can be." That is when you know you have a fixed mindset. You are afraid of a challenge. You want to do things the same way you've been doing it. That's having a fixed mindset. When you have a growth mindset, you understand that you can cultivate and change whatever you want through work and effort. That is when you know you have a growth mindset.

Most of the time, people don't realize what's holding them back. It's because of their mindset. Their mindset is the barrier between where they are and where they're trying to go. Affirmation helps to reaffirm and retrain your thought process so you can start speaking positive things into your life. That's what these positive affirmation stickers are for. It will say things like, "Do what you love, keep trying, believe in yourself, be kind, smile at life,” things like that. You need to constantly tell yourself these things. When you open it up, you put your name in the planner here. This is going to be your personal planner. When you open it up for the month, you have your monthly calendar for all your appointments, all your to-dos.

This is like having a coach without having a coach. You're going to hold yourself accountable for the things that you're trying to create. Also what I love is that you have a habit creator. What are some of the bad habits that I need to change? What are some of the good habits I'm trying to create? If I'm trying to lose weight, how many times a week am I going to go to the gym? What am I going to do? It's all about planning. At the end of the week, you had your mind map. What is that for? That's for all your ideas. All of the wonderful ideas are bursting to come out if you would allow yourself to tap into them.

That's what this is about. It's about affirmations. It's about goals. It's about writing down your to-do lists. It's about also writing down the things that you're grateful for. We tend to take things like that for granted, things that we're so grateful for. Sometimes we don't think about it. With social media, sometimes people are looking at what other people have and they're comparing themselves. You're like, "My life sucks." No, your life does not suck. Everything that you see is not what you really see. What you need to do is stop wasting all that time comparing yourself to somebody on social media and start writing down what you want to create to create the life that you love.

If the pieces of the puzzle don't fit, have the patience to try to figure out how to put those pieces together in your life.

Everything that I want in a planner is exactly what you said. I don't want to have to carry seventeen notebooks around in my day planner. The vision board is not near me. I have a seven-year-old, Oliver is his name. In school, I can remember in the beginning, even in a virtual school, which is so fun that I get to listen and I get to hear what he's talking about in school. They were going over rules. I don't know what context they were learning this in. The teachers said, "Are there any rules that you have in your house?" Kids were like, "I have to brush my teeth before I go to bed. I have to eat vegetables first before I can have a cookie." My little Oliver raises his hand and he goes, "In our household, we have a growth mindset. There’s isn’t anything that we can't do." I'm standing across from the table, nudging my husband.

I love that you tell your clients to unlearn a lot of the junk and the things that you've been programmed. Give yourself that permission to write, to dream, to journal and to mind map, even affirmations. They might seem so silly, weird and not normal when you're first starting to do that but there is power. I think about it as parents. We are parents. Our parents taught us certain things and they tried to do the best they could. Some things are great and some things not so good. When I heard my seven-year-old say that, I was like, "We're starting the worst of days." I know that I am training his mind. I was like, "Mom win for the day." I think about where he's going to go in his life when he gets a growth mindset at seven years old. I didn't understand a growth mindset until I was in my 30s, until the same as you. I found myself unhappy, overweight, the whole bit. You can be proactive and start using these tools and the things like the planner that you created. That's so powerful.

You look back and you can go through it. You can look at it and you can see. I remember with my son, I started helping him write. They said the hardest person to teach is somebody in your family. I'm like, "Write down your goals." What I do is I snapshot them in my phone. Once he's accomplished those goals, I'll text it to him, "As a reminder, this is what you accomplish." That is your motivator. When you see that, "I did this. What's next? There's nothing that I can't do." You feel unstoppable. You're like, "I can have what I want. I can do what I want. I could be what I want. I create what I want." There's a famous quote by Leonardo da Vinci. It eloquently says, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." When we learn to simplify our lives, that's when you start to get the focus and the clarity.

All this baggage, negativity and all of this stuff that we keep carrying around. I always say if you want to see a change in your life, think about it like this. Think about you getting on this private jet. You're like, "I'm ready to go to the next place, the next destination but I want to bring this luggage and that." You have about twenty different pieces that you want to take on this plane. Some of them are too heavy. You're like, "I'm going to take it with me though. I need that." You want to get on a plane with all this stuff. The plane cannot take off with all the old baggage. You’ve got to get rid of some of the baggage. Think about it like that in your life. Sometimes it's people. Sometimes it's things. Sometimes it's bad habits. Sometimes it's any of those things. You cannot take it with you to that next level that you're trying to get to.

We want to hold on to the comfort, the safety, the justifications and the reasons why we do these bad habits or the things that we do. You realize you're the only one that can change it. You're the only one that can drop that baggage. When you think about a plane, the reason why they have that, you’ve got to pay extra on that plane. What's the cost of all that baggage that you're bringing in your life that you won't let go of? It's a safety thing that the plane will crash if it’s overload. You think about not only are you crashing yourself, you're crashing everybody else around you. You're not the best mom. You're not the best wife you can be. You're not the best entrepreneur, CEO, worker or whatever roles that’s important to you in your life when you're carrying that baggage. I love that you have that planner and you have tools that you can use to change your life. People go like, "Where do I start? What do I do?" You should start journaling. Start with a pen and paper.

Start writing things down, start setting goals. Goals are so important. A lot of times, people are always out of sight, out of mind. If you have something in your head but you didn't write it down, it's not something you're constantly thinking about. When you write it down, it's almost like it forces you to achieve that goal. It becomes more tangible and it becomes more real because you're looking at it and it's in your planning like, "I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to do that. If I don't do this, this is what's going to happen." Goal setting is a powerful process for getting your ideal future to whatever it is that you want it to be. It's the process of changing your life. Without goals, without writing things down, without being specific about what you want, without setting clear, realistic goals, short-term goals, long-term goals, how are you going to achieve the things that you want? It's like having a vision but having no action plan on how this vision is going to be manifested.

It burns right out of my mouth. That's my biggest bugaboo. People get mad at me. Your clients probably get mad at you sometimes when you give them tough love or challenge them. I always give all my friends, family, colleagues and peers the toughest love around New Year's. It's like, "I’ve got this vision board. I put pictures." I'm like, "I'm so excited.” I love your excitement but what are you going to do to bring that to life? You can't just look at it. Yes, that clues in the universe what you want and what you're moving towards, but you have to take action and start building those habits. I love one thing you talked about your mission statement for your life. What came out for me when you were sharing that was it makes it easy to know what to say yes to and what to say no to. That clarity alone. Think of how tired we get making decisions. Should I? Shouldn't I? Is this good for me? Is this bad for me?

When you have your mission statement, you're empowered, inspiring, happy, joyful. Somebody asks you to do something that isn't aligned with that, "Thank you for thinking of me but no, thank you. I'm not interested in doing that." When something comes along that falls aligned with that mission, you're like, "Tell me more about that." That’s the clarity and the awareness. You said you won't see something different unless you do something different and that is so true. Maybe you’ve got to start saying no because that doesn't align with your mission statement. Maybe you want to start writing and journaling on those words. You put together the pieces. I don't know if you do that but whenever I'm trying to create something, name something or build something, I brain dump everything on paper. I take a little bit of this. I put it with a little bit of this and I put it with a little bit of that, and it becomes the thing.

I love that you said that because that reminded me over the holidays. I'm a grandmother. I know I don't look like a grandmother but I am. I have a grandson. He's four years old. This past Christmas I decided to get him some puzzles. He hasn't been exposed to puzzles or even using that cognitive part of his brain. I want to get him things that are going to get him to start thinking. The puzzles weren't like 1,000 pieces. They were 12 to 15 pieces, different animals, a lion, a bear, a zebra. I dumped all the pieces of the puzzle on the table. You’ve got to remember. This is a three-year-old. He's looking at me like, "What is that?" I dumped the pieces of the puzzle on the table. He's giving me this look of frustration, confusion, anxiety. He looked stressed. I'm like, "Don't worry." He calls me Jima. I said, "Jima is going to help you. Don't worry about it."

He has all the pieces of the puzzle on the table. He's taking the pieces. He's trying to put pieces but he doesn't know because he's never been exposed to doing puzzles. He's fitting the wrong pieces and he's getting frustrated. I'm like, "Honey, let's start again." When I thought about that, I said to myself, "This is how life is for everyone." It's like a puzzle. You're taking these pieces that don't fit. You're forcing it to go in this spot. It's like, "This puzzle does not go here. This relationship doesn't go here. This job doesn't go here. This doesn't go here." It's about you being willing to dump that puzzle of your life on a table and start over if you have to. If the pieces of the puzzle don't fit, have the patience to try to figure out how to put those pieces together in your life. That's what it's about.

No matter what age you are, no matter what stage you're in, you're not stuck. That's a myth back. "I went and got this degree. That's the job I have to have." I'm not advocating for divorce but maybe, "I married this guy or this woman. It's the relationship that I'm stuck in." You're not stuck. You have the power.

You have the power to become unstuck.

It's all a choice. It’s not to say you're never going to struggle, you're never going to fail, you're never going to be challenged. It’s not saying that it's going to be easy. If you've ever done a big puzzle, 1,000-piece puzzle and you get that last puzzle piece in, you're like, "It feels so good." You're running a race and you cross that finish line. It feels so good, that accomplishment. One thing, it was really crappy. Trying to find those pieces that didn't make sense was a struggle but once you stuck through it and persevered, you have a life you love.

Creating the life you love is about letting go of your past experiences, expectations and preconceived notions of what you think happiness means. Letting go of anything can be difficult in life. We're not saying this is easy. We're saying it's work. It's work that you have to commit to. It's work about how to change those old negative thoughts, the mindset, the patterns, the habits. They say the average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day. Of those thoughts, 85% are negative and 95% are repetitive. If you're constantly thinking negatively about things, it becomes this part of your life where it's like, "I'm not going to try it. I'm not going to do." It's that negative thought.

Thinking positive, is it easy? No. Does it take work? Yes. It's worth it because you can create the life you love. You can set the tone for your life. You don't have to let people control your decisions, what makes you feel happy or what you want to do. You become the navigator of your life. You don't have all these outside pieces and sources of people telling you, "That's not right for you." You start to realize that, "I know who I am." It's about getting to know who you are. The most important question you will ever ask yourself is, "Why am I here?"

Your energy, your tips, it's a dose of, "Go out there and do something, people. Do what is right. Forget something that isn't working. Have the courage to make a change. You don't have to do it all alone. That's why there are life coaches. That's why there are strategists. That's why there are therapists. That's why there are people." One of the biggest fallacies is that you're like, "I know what I need to change. I'm going to go do it." You don't have to do it alone. You hire people like us. You get help. Someone that can hold you accountable and hold your hand throughout the way is going to get you there faster and a lot saner when you do it with help than trying to do it yourself.

People always say, "What's the difference between a therapist and a life coach?" A therapist focuses on your past, your childhood, all that stuff and figures it out. A life coach focuses on your present. They focus on where you are and how to get to where you're trying to go. As a life coach, you meet people where they are and say, "This is what you need to do differently. This is what you need to change." That's when they start to get that. It's so exciting when you see your clients get that a-ha moment. It's like, "That's what I'm trying to tell you all along."

You have the power to become unstuck.

It took you having to see it for yourself to make the change. It's so powerful. I love it. You have a free download, a free gift for them, 5 Secrets to Turn Your Passion into Profits. Tell us about that.

I have this free guide for you. It's the five secrets that I have used to transform my life. I'm sharing that with you for free. These are things that you can implement right now. These are action steps that you can take right now. It's the 5 Secrets to Turn Your Passion into Profits to Create The Life You Love. You can go to the website, Put your name. Put your email. We will be getting you that free guide right into your email.

That's why I love having people like you on the show. It gives hope to people that they can make a change. They aren't alone. It's never too late to go after whatever it is that you love, whatever it is that you want, shamelessly, unapologetically going after. It's your life. I always say that to people, “This person is going to be mad at me,” but it's your life. I love that your whole thing is about creating the life that you love.

Sometimes people are so stuck on the past, worrying about their past, fretting about their future. It's about living where you’re right now. People say to me, "Georgia, have you cracked the code to living a healthier and happier lifestyle?" I tell them, "Of course, I have because I realized that there's nothing missing. I have access to whatever I want to create. I have this powerful mind. If I put it into action by setting goals, by speaking affirmations, by meditating, by doing all of these things, I can create whatever it is I want to create because I had the ability to do that. I've cracked the code. That is the code."

Once you see life through that lens, it becomes so much more fun. It becomes more joyful and so much more purposeful for sure. Georgia, thank you so much for being here with me.

Thank you for having me.

Readers, thank you for tuning in and being here. I hope this episode served you. I hope it's one that you'll go back to. You're always going to be hit with challenges. As you grow, you're going to want different things in your life. You're going to want to grow. This is a great episode to come back to and get that inspiration, those how-to tips. I'm so glad that you're here. We'll see you again next time on the show.

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About Georgia Woodbine

She is one of the world’s top female speakers and expert personal and professional development and has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation.
She is widely known as a change agent, author, lifestyle transformation coach and dynamic and entertaining speaker. She has been featured in media outlets such as; The Daily News, Huffington Post, Rolling Out Magazine, Sirius Radio XM. She created a curriculum and lectured at The Learning Annex, one of the premier producers of seminars, lectures, classes, and workshops throughout North America. She has also been a guest speaker at Time Warner Cable, Columbia University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University, Howard University, Medgar Evers College, Monroe College, Georgian Court University, as well as a long list of other network organizations.
She has authored several books and has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial business success as well as an extensive marketing background working in the entertainment industry with; Def Jam, PolyGram, WNYU Radio, WQHT-Hot 97, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theatre where she honed her management, promotions, and marketing skills.
She created and developed a curriculum based on her book How to Choose Your Career Path: Charting Your Success and lectured at numerous school districts and colleges to help prepare students with employment tools and life skills.
She has been a life coach for over thirteen years and has trained and coached hundreds of people. In love with life, she enjoys being an empowerment advocate for others to find their true purpose. She captures her audiences with her message of hope, inspiration and the power of intention. Her passion continues to touch countless souls in their pursuit of happiness.

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Do you have a very specific question and want expert support? We can cover content and digital marketing strategies around your launches, products and programs, up-sells and downsells, social media, sales videos, paid advertising, keynote speeches, workshops and more.

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