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Struggling to sell without sounding salesy?

Plug in your information and practice with my signature authenticity sales script before your next pitch. 

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Wondering Why Your Offers Aren't Working?

The 10 most common traps that are blocking customers from your door.

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Lisa Pezik - Business Strategist & Content Expert

Hi, I'm Lisa.

Content & Marketing Expert, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Thrive Global Author, Keynote & Workshop Speaker.

My husband, Eric and I, work side-by-side with you to create and launch your online courses, coaching programs, memberships, lead magnets, funnels, and websites. Once it's launched we can provide targeted social media strategies with our lead generation program.

We want you to do what you do best, we can take care of the rest.

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I know there are a lot of content, digital and marketing experts of whom you can work with, but we'll save you a lot of time, money and grief. Imagine what your business and life would be like without the stress and worry of having multiple cooks in the kitchen.

As a husband and wife team, I'm a content marketing expert, and my husband is a creative designer and lead generation expert. We've built our own programs from scratch so we know how to take you from idea to launch. But we don't stop there, building a stable business involves having a steady flow of leads which is what we can do for your business.

You found us for a reason, let's find the solution for you!

The Beauty of Authenticity - #1 Amazon Best Seller

The Beauty of Authenticity

Lisa shares her story of how she embraced her truth to live a life of meaning, purpose and grace in this #1 Amazon best selling book. Buy today and get a signed copy delivered to your door!

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SalesBooster Lead Generation Program

Lead Generation Program

We help small businesses generate more leads and phone calls without any of the fluff or headaches. SEO, PPC, Local SEO, Funnels, Chatbots, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads.

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2-to-1 Strategy Calls

As content and digital experts we help with websites, funnels, launches, social media, free content, opt-ins, product suite creation, keynote speeches, and workbooks so you stop spinning your wheels and your business makes sense.

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Infinite Design House Inc.

Branding & Design Agency

We are a full-service marketing agency specializing in branding, print, design, landing pages, courses, funnels, video, emails and websites. Our team of experts does it for you from proposal to completion.

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Lisa Pezik Testimonials

What clients have to say…

  • Lisa and Eric have been a great in coaching me and directing me to where my business should be heading. They are definitely a fun dynamic and partner with you in discussing needs and ideas. They offered great motivation in terms of step by step and goals for each week. I looked forward to every meeting in knowing what the next steps to achievement were.
    ~ Chloe Dominik – Interior Designer
  • Increasing sales through qualified leads and building our customer list for future sales – that’s what it’s all about and that’s what SalesBooster team brings to the table.
    ~ Robert Oswald – Founder, Get Ready Online
  • They were so very patient with me. I was confused and did not have a clear path as I had never gone out on a limb like this starting my own company. Eric and Lisa are the yen and yang...I go by "feelings" on where I want to go. They helped morph the information into my website and Lisa is so quick with suggestions and ideas that it really gave me a lot of hope that the service I was offering was very much needed. They definitely didn't enable me, but they allowed a creative process to flow. They were gentle and clear on barriers and we quickly got back on track.I am in LOVE with my business cards and my website. When working with them, you know you will be rocking it in the business world before long.
    ~ Kathy Clark – Transformation Empowerment Coach and RN
  • Infinite Design House combined with their SalesBooster program generated more than 200 leads in the first month for Southern Ontario Dental College, greatly enhancing the college’s prospects for growth. In just over 6 months of working together they exceeded our expectations, we're now on a waiting list for Fall 2019 and close to capacity for Spring 2020 for both our programs.
    ~ Dr. Roland Estrabillo – Dean, Southern Ontario Dental College
  • They are the most honest, caring people in this industry! We are just about to launch my brand and Lisa is a phenomenal strategist while Eric worked his magic on all things tech. In a world these days where so many people are out for the mighty dollar, they have my best interest at heart.
    ~ Nicole Naples – Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach
  • It's incredible working with Lisa. I have the necessary support and how to steps to stand out in real estate. She challenges me. In the first week houses were buying and selling faster than ever, and I have energy to keep up with the challenges of business and life!
    ~ Kelly, Realtor
  • Lisa and Eric Pezik's team coaching program is game changing! Their combined skill sets, complemented by their genuine passion for helping entrepreneurs just like them, add an abundance of value to their service offerings. They have lived through the trials of a start-up business and continue to grow their own success while sharing their best information onto their clients. They are a one-stop shop for mentorship and coaching that their clients can gain insights from in areas of sales to mindset to technology to plain old getting work done. They helped develop and guide my sales journey for my emerging speaking business that has had positive outcomes for my future. If you need a kick-start in your business or want to work with a team that will support you in ways you cannot get anywhere else, look no further than the Peziks.
    ~ Tim Barnaby, Speaking Coach

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Teaching you how to stand out online, authentically sell, and go from an underdog to a winner!

Lisa is a Business Strategist, Thrive Global Author, Worldwide Speaker, and RN who who takes your business online with excellence. Her strategies and systems help customers connect and become clients, fast!

Hire Lisa today for keynote speeches, break out sessions, VIP days, corporate training's, seminars and retreats.

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