I believe the only voice we should listen to is our own. 

My coaching and online courses lead women to lasting change. You don't have to wish for the fairytale, you can create a real life you love.

The goals of my programs are:

~ To feel freedom in your business online.

~ To create healthy boundaries in your relationships.

~ To be a ninja with your time.

~ To enjoy fitness and health and not look at it like a chore.

~ To travel with your family and get in every picture with confidence.

~ To make enough money to live the life of your dreams.

When you decide enough is enough and you're ready to make  change, I've got the steps.

Lisa P xox

Online in 9

Are you feeling stuck trading dollars for hours in business?

Exhausted because you feel you can never take a vacation, or can’t afford to take a vacation with your business?

You want to make money, help a lot of people, and live a life you love, but it doesn’t seem possible when you’re stuck in the daily grind.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible and I’m here to share my solution.


The Freedom Life

What separates the 7-figure earner from the woman who struggles with feeling guilty about spending money on herself?

What separates the entrepreneurial women who just has a side hustle when really her full time job pays the bills?

From the woman setting her own hours and location of work, being at every school event, and never being kept up at night worrying about paying the bills?


7 Day T.I.M.E. Management Empowerment Planner Course

Jump out of bed and have your daily to do’s DONE before the coffee gets cold!

This 7 Day Online Course and Downloadable PDF Planner puts the ME TIME back in your day without guilt, breaking the bank, or forcing you to get up at a ridiculously early hour.


Break the Mould

Break the Mould: Become Fit, Fierce and Fearless in the Life You Deserve Book

A book you can read in less time than it takes to watch a Netflix episode.

Stop saying I can’t and start saying I will!


Thoughts of the Week

3 Ways to Manifest More Money

3 Ways to Manifest More Money

Posted Sep 20th, 2018 in Testimonials, Blog, Confidence, Owning Your Choices

Money isn't icky and bad. It's the "I couldn't ever afford that", "I'm an asshole for making this much. Who am I to deserve this?" Or "I suck in my business/job/work and can't make more of it." THAT IS.

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