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Scott's Landscaping - Stonework

Landscape Design

Take advantage of our on-site consultation, a hand-rendered sketch, and images created of your property from a bird’s eye view and a 3D rendering of the intended final result of your project. With a focus on high-quality materials, aesthetics, and cost, our landscaping design experts develop the plans for your projects so they can evolve into an impressive reality.

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Scott's Landscaping - Gardens

Grounds Maintenance

Offering residential and commercial clients full-service sustainable grounds maintenance in weekly, monthly, or seasonal packages, as well as fertilizer and organic weed control programs so their property can improve and maintain a high level of visual appeal.

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Scott's Landscaping - Driveways

Snow Removal

Ensure your driveways, parking lots, and multi-unit condominiums are promptly cleared of snow and ice throughout the winter season with our 24-hour full-service winter snow removal service.

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