Do It Yourself Courses and Products

Online in 9

Do It Yourself - A 9 Step Process to learn how to get your business online.

If you're in need of getting your business online and want to learn fast tracked online strategies to launch and grow your online business, than this 9-week module course is perfect for you. Inside, you'll discover essential information on branding, technology, content, and which launching strategies to use.


The Beauty of Authenticity

The Beauty of Authenticity Book - Signed

The women who share their stories in this book are extraordinary. They have made significant shifts in the way they show up and their ways of thinking. They've developed and share practices, mantras, and techniques to live as the authentic spiritual beings they are. These women have empowered themselves through self-discovery, deep introspection, mindfulness, and self-love. Their transformations are nothing short of miraculous, and they speak to the undying vibrancy and love that exists in each of us.



Women Who Illuminate

Women Who Illuminate

In this special addition of Women Who Illuminate, Lisa Pezik shares her personal story of going from underdog to winner in business, relationships, and life.

Growing up as a people pleaser and perfectionist, Lisa didn’t know who she was when she wasn’t pleasing or achieving, but everything changed one afternoon with a brush of death with a transport truck.

She knew she needed to be more strategic and bold. To stop achieving for others, leave behind the critic, and start becoming visible. 

She believes that you shouldn’t wait for your enough is enough moment. Change takes time, but the decision is made in an instant.

Through her story you can begin to recognize your own internal or external critic, identify your areas of misalignment or sabotage, and walk away with a plan to become a winner for your clients, your family, and most importantly, yourself.


Do It Yourself Services

Do It Yourself Courses

Do It Yourself Courses & Products

These online courses and products are cost effective so you can learn and implement on your own time and complete at your own pace allowing you freedom and flexibility to move your business forward.

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Done with you services

Done With You Products and Programs

Done with You Courses & Services

Individualized strategy sessions and group coaching programs designed for those who are looking for one-on-one attention and easily implementable action steps.  

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Done for you Services

Do It Yourself Courses

Done for You Services

Personalized services designed to help you with your business, whether it's content, strategy, design, development, website, funnel, email automation and setup, or lead generation we do it for you so it's one less worry.

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