Quick Fitness for Seniors Program

Quick Fitness for Seniors has been professionally designed for Baby Boomers and Seniors who want to maintain an active independent lifestyle.

Quick Fitness for Seniors offers exercises to promote balance, flexibility, strength and endurance and nutritional tips to help maintain health and vitality.

Quick Fitness For Seniors consists of:

Level One Intro Video | Watch this 30 second intro clip

Learn the Moves

In Level One Lisa P. shows you how to do the simple exercises properly. Start off by just following her example. As you become familiar with the proper technique, simply add light hand held weights to the movements.

Level Two Intro Video | Watch this 30 second intro clip

Have a Seat

Our members come in all shapes, sizes and mobility levels.
Increase your balance, flexibility, strength and endurance while seated. All you need is light hand held weights.

Level Two Intro Video | Watch this 30 second intro clip

Get Moving

Lisa P has designed this 20-minute classes for the active Baby Boomer and Senior to maintain and improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Turn up the sound and get ready for some great music and workouts packed with energy – designed to help you get up and move!


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