These women are some of my Empowered Entrepren-HER-O’es.

These mini-interviews are worth the watch and why I love my products and programs!


  • Lisa is very motivating, energetic and comfortable to be with. Her program has evolved into a routine that I am now passionate about and I’ve really started to notice some incredible physical changes!
    ~ Teresa, 55 Mom

  • Lisa is attentive, caring, motivating and encourages you to do better because she knows you can. I am now addicted to setting new goals for strength, speed and overall fitness, and of course bigger 'guns'!!
    ~ Weitske, 66 Mom and Grandma

  • Lisa is an inspiration and I love seeing her struggles and achievements! She’s a mom balancing all the same stuff as me and reading her book was enlightening. I was totally motivated after!
    ~ Anja, 38, Mom of 2

  • Then one morning, I saw Lisa P. on CH Morning Live. She was speaking about her online program Quick Fitness. I liked the idea of exercising at home and it being available to me 24/7. I contacted Lisa and liked her immediately. She is energetic, enthusiastic and REAL!
    ~ Elaine, 54, Mom and Grandma

  • I am feeling amazing and have the energy that I need to take care of our two active boys. Best of all, I am setting a positive example for them. They see mom staying active and often times our four year old will join right in! Thank you Lisa P!
    ~ Jen, 35, Mom of now 3

  • Over the past 6 weeks I have fed off Lisa’s energy and encouragement as well as her crazy amount of knowledge and faith that my goals are attainable. I am changing the way I think, the way I move and the way I look all at the same time. Lisa has changed mind for the better and for that I am eternally grateful.
    ~ Cindy, 55, Mom of 3

  • You were my motivation to work out yesterday which led to another quick fitness video as well!! Thanks Lisa P, you always come around at the best time!
    ~ Angela- Mom of 1

  • Lisa, I am forever thankful to you for helping me find my voice with my passions. You are one amazing friend, leader, and inspiration!
    ~ Lauren, fellow online health and fitness coach.

  • Thank your for making my day. You bring sunshine wherever you go!
    ~ Kim, 55.

  • These online groups have been such an amazing support system. Thank you, Lisa for inviting me to this challenge. I’ve never had so much fun losing weight.
    ~ Debbi, Mom of 2

  • Lisa is always striving for the success of our team. She is consistently finding ways to motivate and support through education and personal development! Lisa also gets to know each member of her team and what makes them tick, their struggles, SUCCESSES and as of late, she is really focusing on building her teammates confidence!
    ~Suzanne, Mother of 2