Too Big For Her Britches - One Woman Musical Show

Too Big For Her Britches

A one woman musical journey about self love and breaking generational abuse.

Told through the eyes of the main character, Luna, it’s a battle between her Inner Shame and Inner Warrioress to step into her big britches and stop trying to make herself smaller to be loved. After a barrage of text messages from her mother, and almost being wiped out by a transport truck, Luna finds herself questioning everything about her life and how she got there.

Journey through her life of heartbreak, bullying, eating disorders, mental health, and coming out of the darkness of generational trauma to finding her light.

Content note: Potentially disturbing material that includes self harm, suicide, sexual violence and a few F bombs.



Address: 13500 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, United States

Dates: March 3, 2022
Time: 8pm (LIVE)

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LIVE STREAMED (Vimeo on Demand)

Date: March 9, 2022
Time: 8pm (Streamed from Vimeo on demand)



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Live Reading Rave Reviews

  • MY HUSBAND SEAN SAYS: "This was an honest and courageous performance that succeeded in articulating complex issues in a compressed period. Her use of inner voices revealed what happens to all of us even though most of us are not brave enough to face it. Be prepared. There are difficult topics, but through facing these, we can all gain insight into our past and how it affects us today. This is a show for everyone [adult]." I, AMY SAY: Lisa is a creative, powerful, and magnetic storyteller. Every moment, every character pulled me in! While you may not share the same life story as Lisa, she is brilliant at tugging at the essence of what we all need and desire as humans: To feel and be loved. She carries us across the emotional spectrum from happy moments into those deeper human territories we may find ourselves stuck and feeling very much alone. It is human to experience inner conflict and loneliness. And it is through Lisa's gift (along with a ton of hard and passionate work behind it) we gain memorable examples of what is possible through and beyond those struggles. Thank you, Lisa, for shining your light on the world--and to all who helped make this show possible!
    ~ Amy and Sean, Life Coaches
  • Holy f**K! I’ve been an avid fringer for the past 10 years. That is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen! It was so well done it appeals both to woo woo’ers and those who have no woo! I can see how much work you put into it, it was smooth like butter. The thing I love most about it was your message of self love, finding and dealing with your shit, and moving into a bigger life.This was so inspirational for me and I can see it speaks to a large percentage of people. I really hope you get it into a lot more Fringe festivals as a virtual play. And I also think you should get it into junior high and high schools as it speaks to all ages and could do the best work with the least confident of our society.
    ~ Sheri, Assistant to Dr. Ganz Ferrance
  • Oh my effen god you are amazing. Your show was fabulous. You are an amazing person 100x over. Than you for sharing your life experiences. Putting yourself out there is not easy and you’ve done it with style and grace!
    ~ Clifton Corbin, Author, Financial Expert
  • I streamed your show. Wow! You were so terrific. Your script was great, the characters were amazing, your songs were to die for good! I just loved them all. And what a beautiful love story with Greg. Such an inspiring story of overcoming (sadly), toxic mothering. I love your therapists line about two ways to grow with trauma- that’s so very true. I thought your therapist was way better than many characterizations, but most therapists don’t ring true to me as a therapist myself. Good luck with future performances, that’s my hymn of praise!
    ~ Mary Guillermin, therapist and solo theatre actress
  • OMG what a ride, I just finished watching it because I couldn't let this day end without seeing it for myself. Thank you for doing this, the entire journey has been incredible to be part of, and what a voice on you women! Well done and I would love to see this again each stage adds to the story. Standing virtual ovation darling and thank you for giving me a much needed theatre fix!
    ~ Yvonne Bradshaw, Financial Advisor
  • I am STILLLLL blown away by your solo play last night! It was spectacular....YOU, the delivery of it all, the messages it relayed, your portrayal of the guys in your Life (hilarious, btw), the way "Shame" spoke and acted 'her' was ALL beautifully done!
    ~ Connie Kann, Coach
  • While most of us were baking banana bread,or buying overpriced gym equipment or some other numbing activity to get through the pandemic, my friend not only learned to act, sing, and play piano, she wrote a one-woman play about her experiences with a narcissistic mother, shame, making herself smaller to find love, and growing up. AND performed it for the first time in Los Angeles last week. We watched the virtual performance last night and were so impressed. Even though I knew her story, I was captivated throughout the entire thing. Lisa your courage, discipline, curiosity and yes, talent, are so impressive. Thank you for sharing it all with us.
    ~Janet Whalen, Sleep Coach for Women
  • This show kills! Loved it virtually! Great singer. Master of voices. Excellent directing. Harsh truths!
    ~ Pina Sbrocca, Solo Actress
  • I thought I was attending a table reading and Lisa delivered a full-blown experience on my computer screen. If I knew I would be moved from laughter to tears and everything in between I would have not worn mascara that day. Her characters are so vivid, her songs touch your heart, and I could feel Lisa's energy through the camera lens. At that point, which was very early on in the process, I said the only thing that will make this better is the stage to unleash Lisa. I want to see more. I still find myself singing her original songs and will be one of the first in line for the soundtrack. If you've ever struggled with self (and we all have) this is a MUST SEE. I can't give it justice in my words - you just have to SEE IT, EXPERIENCE it! Incredibly powerful!
    ~ Karen Wilson, Author of Be Weightless
  • When Lisa takes the stages, she steals your heart. Takes your breath away. And transforms the moments you get to share with her in the experiences she creates. Her work will change your life, if you let it. See this show.
    ~ Ginger Johnson, Professional Speaker & Author

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